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  Articles >> Interviews : Paul - The bonkers artwork designer
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    Paul - The bonkers artwork designer
Author: DJ Triquatra
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In a great interview member DJ Triquatra managed to have a chat with the designer of the Bonkers CD artwork Paul.

Q: Paul, you've been the artist for bonkers for nearly all the cds, have you done artwork for any other cds?

I rarely do CD artwork, but illustrate for all sorts of other stuff: magazines, websites, storyboards for film & TV & commercials, posters, t-shirts, creature/character/monster design and various other things. I get around.

Q: The Bonkers cds are by far the most eyecatching on the shop shelves, how do you come up with your ideas?

I never come up with the initial theme of the design - it's usually briefed to me, but all the little gags and character ideas in there are from me. The Hannibal Lecter mask Sharkey wore on one cover is a favorite of mine.

Q: What sort of mediums and materials do you use?

Most of my artwork is generated the old fashioned way - by hand. The black & white linework is scanned in and then gets passed over to the wonderful Me Company who work their magic on it and create those whacked-out backgrounds. Their work is brilliant.

Q: So, what about the Bonkers covers that never were? any ideas that never got on the front?

The 'Teletubby Chainsaw Massacre'... no, I'm joking.

Q: Any other projects on the go at the moment that we can keep our eyes open for?

I just designed a range of toys based on characters from the 'Carry On' films, I've just started working with a US model kit manufacturer doing classic monster figures, and I'm designing a weird cartoon comedy show which will be at the Edinburgh Festival and in London later this year.

Q: Lastly, can we milk you for any information on the upcoming bonkers album?! ;)

I don't know if the Bonkers guys would want me to blow the surprise really, but let's just say it has something to do with ****** and *******.

Edit note: We had to remove the reference to the theme of the new bonkers album for legal reasons.
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