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  Articles >> Interviews : Shadow K
Interviews with artists, DJ's, promotors.
    Shadow K
Author: silver
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SHADOW K has a chat with Shadow-K of Osaka Japan.

Q: So tell us who is the mysterious Shadow-K?
Hey! never called meh "Shadow-k"!! I'm "SHADOW K" ..."Shadow-k" is another guy (laughing)

Q: OK SHADOW K, why SHADOW K? what made you decide on that name?
Cuz, my realname is Keitaro Shimakage... "Kage" means Shadow in Japanese.

Q: What does the K in SHADOW K stand for? is it like the breakfast cereal Special-K?
Special K? I know he is a good producer of Break beatz ans drum 'n bass (laughing) "K" is my Initial like Initial "D" (laughing) It's Japanese favoutie comic of street racerz called "HASHIRI-YA"

Q: Are you part of complete breakfast?
I never eat breakfast...cuz I never waked up in morning.

Q: Are your brothers called Snap, Crackle and Pop?
I dunnnnnnnooooooo! What do u mean?

Q: You live in Osaka, Japan and your Japanese what is the hardcore scene like there?
Thats ********tttttt! Nobody is real hardcore raver in this country...... They are all gone.

Q: How is it different to other parts of Japan including Tokyo?
Where has the hardcore ravers gone? It's because everybody seems to like the happy sounds

Q: Your a producer and a DJ, tell us about what releases you have out?
I released some compilation CDs and a CDR single from Upsurge and other labels

Q: What labels are you working with at the moment?
LPU Records

Q: How are your releases going? What is the crowd reaction like?
I'm going to release my 1st vinyl from LPU records maybe May or June...

Q: When your not hardcore what do you do?

Q: Pornstar? Next question...You also seem to like other forms of hardcore, your listening to White Zombie at the moment... what's the deal?
I was listening whitezombie now but not now. Hardcore is my mind always, it is not the name of one music genre.

Q: So your a Mosher as well as a raver?
I'm not either.

Q: You speak very good english, being Japanese did you live overseas or something?
No, I'm from Mars! I don't understand English in the least like this shit! Speak in Japanese silver!

Errrr.... thank you Mr K for your time!

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