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  Articles >> Interviews : dj phosphor
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    dj phosphor
Author: silver
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dj phosphor

dj phosphor sports a T-shirt
Q: Who are you, where you from, what do you do?
A: I'm Dan Hood, way up in Wininpeg, Manitoba, Canada. For a living a do software development, and for the real fun Hardcore/Trancecore production, and a bit of Acid Techno/Hard Trance under my alter ego phaXis.

Q: How did you choose your DJ / artist name?
A: I still have yet to come up with an awe inspiring euphoric story for that one ;) It was just a name based on the glow in the dark substance, something that can retain light from a bright source and emits it in darkness. There's probably something deep and spiritual behind it all but I won't bother sifting through that mess rite now ;)

Q: Got into hardcore when and why?
A: I've always liked hard and fast music, especially electronic. I first consciously got in to "Hardcore" as a techno genre about 4 years ago. My first full exposure to it was at an event called Universal here in Winnipeg, put on by justrich (yes the man has been at it longer than i have ;). He brought in Druid from the UK, and i was going all nite. Defiantly was hooked by that point.

Q: How many track releases you have under your belt?
A: So far there are 4 that are out, 3 mixes on Master Wax and 1 on HectTech. Several more are slated for release this year on various labels including Romantek, Ravin' Mad, Raindance and BlizzardTracks.

Q: What is your future plans for hardcore for the year ahead?
A: Other than more production and expanding the studio here in the Peg', justrich and myself will be kickin off our own label BlizzardTracks. More releases will be seen on the other labels we've released on in the past as well. Working with other artists is always wicked and i hope to do a good pile of co-production in the upcoming year.

Q: What are your current involvements or projects you are working on?
A: There's always something on the go here hardcore wise. The most recent project is, put together by myself and justrich to promote some of the solid DJ talent Winnipeg has to offer. It's a side venture linked to the Blizzard Tracks label that we will be pushing later this year.

Q: What do you think the future hardcore styles will be or evolve into?
A: This year in particular we've seen many of the sub-genres of hardcore move forward, especially Freeform/Trancecore and Breakbeat hardcore. It's a natural progression, i feel, for hardcore to diversify and experiment in a wider range of sounds. A lot of this is probably driven by the fact that more labels and producers from North America and Australia have been popping up recently. New ideas from new places defiantly will make it an interesting year coming up ;)

Q: What's your views and thoughts on the current MP3 problem and that downloads kill hardcore?
A: I'm sure pirated mp3's have definitely taken a chunk of the entire music industry as a whole and at the same time allowed for a wider range of people to hear the tunes (yeah .. classic argument on both sides). Tho i do have faith that the people supporting hardcore (since it's such a smaller scene) will continue to do so and buy the records to keep the labels and producers that they love doing what they do.

Q: Favorite record label?
A: Smitten. Hands down. (yes i know it's acid tech ;) Especially D.A.V.E. the Drummer and the Geezer's production work.

Q: Favorite DJ (other than yourself)?
A: I must say justrich. Wicked to work with, he's doing and incredible amount for the scene here in Winnipeg and Canada and continues to have that drive that keeps you rock solidly locked to hardcore ... and he can mix a damn good set ;)

Q: Best / favorite hardcore moment?
A: Other than getting the FR-777 (mmm...acid), I'd have to say one of the best was seeing Scott Brown play here in the 'Peg recently and watching the faces on the crowd as he went from his Trancecore into Gabber ... and then continue to go absolutely mental for the rest of his set.

Q: Worst hardcore moment?
A: Being caught in the huge mash of bodies fighting to get onto the shuttle bus after Hullabaloo Funtopia 2. P.L.U.R. kind of disappeared at that moment ;)

Q: What you do in your spare time?
A: Zelda ;)

Q: You have a web site?

Q: You have a public contact email address that punters can contact you?

Q: What's your message to all the hardcore punters all over the world?
A: If what yer doing doesn't make you happy, then something's rather fuk'd

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