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  Articles >> Interviews : justrich
Interviews with artists, DJ's, promotors.
Author: silver
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Justrich mixing
Q: Who are you, where you from, what do you do?
A: justrich, I am form Winnipeg Manitoba Canada and I do many things!

Q: How did you choose your DJ / artist name?
A: I never had a DJ name years ago, I was simply DJ Rich (my first name is Rich).. After I had played a small party, a promoter came up and asked me if I was interested in playing his next event. (The following is the actually conversation with said promoter)

Promoter: Do you want to play my next event?
Me: Sure
Promoter: What is your DJ name?
Me: Rich
Promoter: WHAT??? It's really loud in here
Me: RICH!!!
Promoter: Rich?? Just Rich?
Me: Yah, just Rich!
Promoter: Great!!!

A couple of weeks later the flyer came out and my name was listed as "Just Rich". I thought it was humourous how it happened and it stuck... Since then I have changed it to read simply: justrich

Q: Got into hardcore when and why?
A: I started listening to Dutch Hardcore back in 95 due to my roomate at the time DJ SOS playing it!! As well a good friend of mine was into UK Happy Hardcore and she gave me a Helter Skelter Tape Pack from 95.. I started listening to that tape pack non-stop and that was it, I was hooked... I had found what I had always been looking for, the funny thing is I didn't even know I was looking.

Q: How many track releases you have under your belt
A: Released: 4 Forthcoming: NUMEROUS! I also have 2 tracks coming out on Bonkers 9 in Sharkey's mix!!!

Q: What is your future plans for hardcore for the year ahead?
A: Phosphor and I are starting our own record label called "Blizzard Tracks" in early 2003. Most of the material is completed for the first few releases and we are currently working on more.

Q: What are your current involvements or projects you are working on?
A: Phosphor and I also started an online radio station "Blizzard Radio" this year and we plan to push it as far as we can. The station is not dedicated 100% to Hardcore, it is more so to provide an outlet for all the talent in Winnipeg. We have so many talented DJs that play various styles of music and we wanted a way to showcase their skills. Two shows currently focus on Hardcore pH Balance w/Phosphor and Phaxis on Thursday and The Rush Hours w/ justirch on Saturday... We are also looking at adding another Hardcore show hosted by Zoomer in the coming weeks.

Q: What do you think the future hardcore styles will be or evolve into?
A: I don't think anyone can answer that.. The current sound of Hardcore is influenced by so many attributes it's hard to really predict where it will go. I think the biggest influence in the next couple years will be geographical... With so many new producers from all over the world producing hardcore it will be incrediably diverse. I am very excited about the future of hardcore, because we don't know where its going.. All I know is that it is back and it will be bigger then it ever was.

Q: Favorite record label?
A: Evolution, Nu Energy, Go Mental, Bonkers, Next Generation, Blatant Beats and MasterWax :)

Q: Favorite DJ?
A: Far too many to list!!!

Q: Best / favorite hardcore moment?
A: Back to Back with Brisk in 99, Back to Back with Kevin Energy in 2000, and the icing on the cake, Sharkey on the mic during my set in 2001!! ( I have always been a big fan of Sharks!!)

Q: Worst hardcore moment?
A: None! :)

Q: What you do in your spare time?
A: Spare time???What the hell is spare time?? (If you know where I can get some, please let me know)

Q: You have a web site?
A: The question should read how many websites do you have? :)

You have a public contact email address?

Q: What's your message to all the hardcore punters all over the world?
A: Keep on doing what you are doing!!! The reason we make records and DJ is for you.... Support the scene, contact promoters who don't book hardcore DJs and ask them why? Buy the Hardcore CDs, this helps everyone to hear the music and make more music. Tell everyone you know how great hardcore is!!! Everyone will love it!

Hardcore is not a style of music, hardcore is a way of life!

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