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 Cubase Chopper Out Of Time
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Senior Member

United Kingdom
353 posts
Joined: Mar, 2019
Posted - 2019/08/29 :  16:20:42  Show profile Send a private message
Trying to use the chopper effect. I'm using the Bypass Effect automation to tell it when I want it to start.
e.g I want it to start on the first beat of a bar but after inputting the correct automation to unbypass the effect on the first beat it takes a few seconds to activate. It also differs in the Export If I get it sounding right then the export is off again. Tried adding the automation correctly on time hoping the export would work and still the same issue. This also sets everything else out of time like the speed changes of the chopper which end up out of sync.
Tried exporting tracks to audio and still the same problem.
Can Anyone help?

Cubase 10
Mac OS Mojave

Alert moderator

United Kingdom
12,503 posts
Joined: Nov, 2003
Triquatra is a site donation subscriber Triquatra has attended 26 events
Posted - 2019/08/29 :  16:35:25  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Triquatra's homepage
I'm on 5 and I don't think it has that chopper effect built in - however I use a plug-in called Triggergate, which I assume does much the same thing - with that it will go out of sync if the locator 'line' is not on the first beat of a bar (maybe a few bars before the part you want to hear) before you press play. (With snap on)

You may be having a similar issue, but perhaps the bypass event itself isn't on a first beat. Perhaps experiment with where the bypass starts and stops and where the 'line'...track indicator...or whatever it's called is located when you press play.

shooting in the dark here, but it might help!

Triquatra/Bee Trax/Cuttlefish - -

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Edited by - Triquatra on 2019/08/29 16:37:08
Senior Member

United Kingdom
256 posts
Joined: Feb, 2019
Posted - 2019/08/30 :  04:34:59  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit LeVzi's homepage
Set the automation to start a fraction earlier, so it matches up, some plugins have latency, and can take longer to kick in, although it's never normally noticable. I think there is LDC still in Cubase, activate that, see if it helps. (At least there used to be, I dunno if it's still a feature in C10, i've never needed it)

Failing that, try a different effect that does a similar thing.

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Senior Member

United Kingdom
353 posts
Joined: Mar, 2019
Posted - 2019/09/01 :  14:32:20  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit MusicILove's homepage
I switched to using a different plugin. Thanks for the suggestions. The new plugin I found is a lot more advance than the Cubase chopper and works perfectly on time.
The annoying thing about the chopper is I could get it perfect while playing the track in cubase by nudging the automation slightly till It sounded correct as suggested. Then exporting it it would go completely off again.

Thanks for your help.

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Edited by - MusicILove on 2019/09/01 14:32:55

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