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 Amateur/semi/pro status
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United Kingdom
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Posted - 2022/08/20 :  08:15:07  Show profile Send a private message
Ive often wonderd (and no doubt its been coverd before) but what defines these three status's?
I myself have been producing for 17 years but when i tell people about it i say im a amateur music producer. I think we can all guess what the pro status is but is there really an inbetween and if so what defines it?


Lara B/Galaxia

Producer of hardcore, house, trance and hardstyle [2005-2023]

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Posted - 2022/08/20 :  23:29:03  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Icewind's homepage
Hard to say what defines it. I have been going for about 15 years, but not consistently. I've taken my time and taken breaks to handle other obligations. But during this time, I've maintained my interest in it. I look at it like more of a marathon than a race. It has it's ups and downs. Some years you get more gigs than others too. ..ebbs and flows

I have never heard the term "semi pro" before but I believe the definition of semi pro is someone who has been paid to do it in the past at least, someone who is far from beginner, knows what they are doing to a degree, and you can hear that in their tracks. That's how I see it at least...maybe I'm wrong.

At the end of the day, I don't think the titles mean much. The music always speaks for itself.


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