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United States
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Joined: Mar, 2001
Posted - 2001/05/07 :  09:51:24  Show profile Send a private message
Anyone know about any good souncards? Right now I've got a soundblaster 16
hooked into 230mhz PC. Any one know about that game for the playstation, Music Generator? Its actually pretty fun, and if you have some rythmical talent, and some skills, you can make some tight shit on it! I've heard some of the riffs on song 1 in Happy2bHardcore:chapter 5. If anyone has made any songs using MG, tell me. I wanna 'ear some!



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United States
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Joined: Mar, 2001
Posted - 2001/05/08 :  09:18:42  Show profile  Send a private message
If you don't have much money get a Sound Blaster Plat. They are pretty nice and have a cool interface panel that goes on the front of your PC. But unless you are using external gear your PC won't cut it for producing. You need at least about 500mhz and 128 Megs of ram to do any computer only multi track producing. And if you are using external gear then all U really need is Midi to sequence with, so if you have that on your PC then you are set.

Happy Hardcore makes me feel like a Koala bear just crapped a rainbow in my brain.

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