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 imagine this!! true or false??
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Author Thread  
Junior Member

New Zealand
97 posts
Joined: Jul, 2002
Posted - 2002/07/16 :  22:46:55  Show profile Send a private message
well................ i shouldnt be telling you all this but ima tell ya anyways

......imagine this... and yes this does involve the use of a brain cell lol

mm k

your favourite dj playing your favourite set.. New Years Eve Party, surrounded by all your favourite lovable people..
ok lets keep this vision going shall we.. rumour # 1 ..

you look around you, your above your main city lights n stars surround you, you can see the buildings the harbours the lights and the fireworks as it strikes midnight HAPPY NEW YEAR!! you then dance the night away above a city, as you watch the sun come up whilst being completely trashed..

or rumour #2..

you looks around and your surrounded by fish ahem yes an aquarium .. dancing with a 3 metre white pointer swimming around you.. oh and lets not forget all the other little fishies.. perty but hey what can match that for a venue on a new years...

baby if that was true id fly from here to there in a split second.. the city it will be in ..... well youll have to stay tuned as that is another huge secret.. teehee

***cuddles n winks***

* look to the stars.. free love mwahh*

Alert moderator
Senior Member

United Kingdom
308 posts
Joined: Jul, 2002
Posted - 2002/07/16 :  23:51:32  Show profile  Send a private message
If you're suggesting as I think you are a HHC event in or around an aquarium this would be ruled out instantly (no matter what country you're in!) firstly, the vibrations & sound waves from speaker & amps would damage the glass! secondly, imagne thousands or ravers many on drugs surrounded by paranoi-inducing sharks & jellyfish,etc,etc! Helath & safety issues would be a list so laughably large it would never see daylight!
Sorry to rain on your parade mate!

Hardcore family never dies.

Hardcore family never dies.

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Brian K
Advanced Member

United States
8,663 posts
Joined: Sep, 2001

528 hardcore releases
Brian K has attended 5 events
Posted - 2002/07/17 :  00:03:38  Show profile  Send a private message
umm true?

isn't that the whole point of new years, a useless excuse for a holiday in which most of the world decides to get trashed the night before...oh wait that sounds pretty good come to think of it... =P

jellyfish rule! that is, until you get stung by one =P

"As punishment for your desertion, it's company policy to give you the plague."

"we'll delete the weak"

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Advanced Member

3,391 posts
Joined: Sep, 2001

347 hardcore releases
milo is verified hardcore artist milo has attended 89 events
Posted - 2002/07/17 :  17:14:22  Show profile View artist profile  Send a private message  Visit milo's homepage
i don't think i understand this one... but all i know is ravers + unbottled water = bad idea

"Everybody... rock, rock on.. "

__________________________________ American Hardcore Movement/Totally Sweet Radio/Hardcore Street Team

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Junior Member

New Zealand
97 posts
Joined: Jul, 2002
Posted - 2002/07/18 :  05:03:47  Show profile  Send a private message
well.. its under way and in the process of being put together.. wont name the city .. youll hear about it soon enough im sure..
and about the glass thing. i doubt that the glass will be damaged due to the thickness of it and the pressure it has to withstand from the water, but yes i know that the fish will suffer from the vibrations ..

* look to the stars.. free love mwahh*

~ eat me ~

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New Member

United States
27 posts
Joined: Jul, 2002
Posted - 2002/07/30 :  18:04:01  Show profile  Send a private message
vgery good points milo and foxy... but if this really did happen I am so down! too bad it'll prolly be some where over seas..since you are from New Zeland!

Dont go through life being a pretty bitch... god will send you back nice and ugly! hehe

Dont go through life being a pretty bitch... god will send you back nice and ugly! hehe

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Edited by - luckEanjel on 2002/07/30 18:05:36
Advanced Member

2,633 posts
Joined: Feb, 2003

55 hardcore releases
TypeR has donated money to the site TypeR has attended 11 events
Posted - 2003/03/05 :  20:06:14  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit TypeR's homepage
if i'm not mistaken, there was a hhc party at the seattle aquarium a few years back, went off real well untill someone set off a smoke detector inside with cigarette smoke


Dj Ritalin

don't stand and stare, just kick your legs in the air

All Your Bass Are Belong To Us

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Advanced Member

1,540 posts
Joined: Sep, 2002
toxic has attended 2 events
Posted - 2003/03/06 :  02:13:57  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit toxic's homepage
No need to go topic digging!

Whisper something nice, and ill make you scream twice !!!

Whisper something nice, and ill make you scream twice !!!

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