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 LDF danceKORE (1 attended)
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United Kingdom
362 posts
Joined: Nov, 2008
Mr SPARKLe has attended 38 events
Posted - 2011/06/10 :  13:43:25  Show profile Send a private message  Visit Mr SPARKLe's homepage
[1 members attended this event.]
Event name: LDF danceKORE
Starts: June 24th, 2011
Country: United Kingdom
City/Region: England

Date: Friday 24th June 2011
...Price: 100% Free
Venue: Hidden, 100 Tinworth Street, London, SE11 5EQ, Vauxhall, London, UK
Time: 22:00 till 06:00

LDF is back!

LDF stands for London Dance Factory, this has been put together to bring you a
collection on London brands under one roof! With each brand adding there own touch
to the night to really kick this new rave wonder event off!

With 50 plus Acts over 4 rooms, (*New chill out area outside). Music... Breaks,
Old Skool, Jungle, Drum & Bass, Hardcore, Hard Dance, House, Electro, and Club
Classics there is something for everyone!

Spanning over 4 arenas we have the following brands all pulling together to raise
the rave scene to the next stage...

K2, DanceKore,,,, Vinyl Touch,
JustCauseRecordings .com,, Deepah, k, Nu Rave 2011
Awards, Liquid Drumz, Eruption FM, Hardcore Lives, Summit Above 160, Top Drawer
Digital, Definition:breaks and Rave Stylee.


------------------------> The Breaks Love Pad! <--------------------------

Yoof aka Sonz of Mecha & MC Strict (Subslayers/Ghost Rrecordings)

Apply The Breaks & MC KID (Breakspoll Winners 09')

Kidson b2b John Grief & Myst MC (, Definition:breaks)

Vinyl Vera & MC Strict (K2 Legends)

Simon Holmes b2b Running Man (Firewall vs Sharkfin Records)

Kid C b2b Causal Breakin & LTD Edition (NuSkoolBreaks)

Rapid (K2 Sessions)

Jon James (Rough Tempo)

MCs Myst MC, KID, 3-Flow, Nayben Spraydem

------------------------> Drum and Bass Tunnel! <--------------------------

(*Live P.A) Sass ft MC Nayben Spraydem & DJ Digitally Mashed
(Just Cause Recordings)

S1 DJ (Liquid Drumz Recordings Showcase)

Skyz and Ellaz MC (Deepah, K2)

Simbad b2b Detail & MC Rinsa & MC Ribs
(Epidemik Jungle Drum&Bass Classics Set)

Jae b2b Seizure (OverTech * Close 2 Death Showcase)

Deetek brb I.B.M (Force FM, Eruption FM)

Mikey Dubz b2b Murkal & MC Fame (Kane FM, Prescription)

Nitro b2b Menos (Different Drumz)

Lipbass b2b KMH (LDF Launch Set)

MCs Rinsa, Ribbz, Myst MC, Ellaz MC, Nayben Spraydem

------------------------> DanceKore its all Hardcore! <--------------------------

Vibes & Myst MC (London Town's Favourite)

(*Live P.A) Sc@r" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">href="/records/record_artistprofile.asp?action=artistdisplay&artistinfoid=2763">Sc@r b2b Ben Upfront & Carmen Perez Live P.A
(Raw Elements)

Jack-Knife & MC Strict (91-92 'Ardore)

Ben Skinner & Lyrical Groover (Up2 Summit)

Bustin b2b Skampy (Eruption FM, Rave Stylee)

Bernzy b2b Miss Detonate & MC Sid-P

Monique (Smile)

DHD & Sparkle (Hidden Whores)

Alexxx Rave Machine b2b DJ Coopa & MC Livewire
(DanceKore Regulars)

MCs Strict, Myst MC, Sid-P, Lyrical Groover, Steely Dan, Nutta, Special-G,
Judgemental and Spenno

------------------------> Chill Out Garden Party! <--------------------------

Shorty G & The Wook (Electric Boogie, ISM Records)

Jason Jay (Epidemik)

Richie K (

Find out more about the people behind LDF? - www.K2-

Alert moderator
Senior Member

United Kingdom
362 posts
Joined: Nov, 2008
Mr SPARKLe has attended 38 events
Posted - 2011/06/20 :  18:28:05  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Mr SPARKLe's homepage
its this FRIDAY! its FREE!!
Read DHD's exclusive interview with Monique here -->



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