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 Broadcasting Tonight: Little Fella on the HBC Show
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Hardbeats HQ
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Posted - 2012/05/10 :  11:03:31  Show profile Send a private message  Visit Hardbeats HQ's homepage
Broadcasting Tonight: Little Fella on the HBC Show!

Little Fella is poised to send the boomage down the information super-highway and out through Krafty Radio ce soir as he hosts tonight's Hard Beats Collective Radio show. Being a jack of all trades (and master of all trades), who knows what bounty awaits his listeners so tune in live at 10pm UK time tonight and find out! SYITCR!

The feed to our podcast has recently migrated, to have our weekly show automatically delivered to your pod-catcher as it becomes available, please resubscribe by clicking here or alternatively you can subscribe by email... CLICK! All subscriptions to our old feed are now inactive!

Our next party which will take place on Friday 13th July, I Love Hard Beats 2: Double Vision has been announced. Please follow the registry instructions for free entry!

The HBC show goes out live every Thursday at 10pm UK time with podcasts following shortly after. Next week... a guest show from Carbon Based!

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