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 RE:WIRED (0 attended)
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United Kingdom
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Posted - 2012/05/17 :  01:06:27  Show profile Send a private message  Visit Jedi-Promotions's homepage
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Event name: RE:WIRED
Starts: June 29th, 2012
Country: United Kingdom
City/Region: England

On Friday the 29th June

Wired Productions brings you

Promoted by Jedi=Promotions


@ The Lanes

Ravin' like we remember it and music from B.I.T.D!
Only those with PLU & R need attend
Advance tickets are on sale at "Old Skool" prices; You can't even buy 20 B&H these days for
what the tickets cost but you will be able to get your stomp on for 8hrs. 9pm till 5am!
Tickets on the door, If there are any left; will be the equivalent of 20 B&H and a pint!
500 People, 4 Genres of Music, 3 Decades of Music, 2 Arenas. 1 Ideology 0 Attitude.

DJs on the night:
DJ SY - (Exclusive through the Era's Re:Wired Set)
Along with
DJ Marcus Allen (Dance Conspiracy)
DJ Flow (Dreamscape/Fantazia)
DJ Rachael EC (Fantazia)
DJ Jakka-B (Raveolution)
DJ Dave Spinout (High Fish recordings)
DJ Trickydj (High Fish recordings)
DJ Lee-KB (Technical difficulties)
DJ Laney G (Technical difficulties)
DJ Funk-E (Bootylicious/Adrenaline Stompers)
DJ Jonny Manners (Heaven)
And introducing:
DJ TucaTek
DJ Warfare

MCs on the night:
MC Superbeal
MC Messiah
MC PieMan
MC Leapzy-C

Attractions on the night inc. UV Stall/Facepainting, BBQ and Bowling!
After you've worked 9-5, get on down to The Lanes and party 9-5!
The Lanes in conjunction with Rock and Bowl has accommodation available at reduced rates
for this event; Call 0117 325 1980

Info on the line up!
Never heard of DJ Dave Spinout, DJ Trickydj or High Fish Recordings, well I dunno where
you've been hiding but expect plenty of this....
We also have Technical Difficulties who will be bringing you some of this
Jakka-B who will be giving you some of this
DJ Flow will be treating you to some of this
DJ Rachael EC, apart from looking stunning, will be giving you some of this
DJ Marcus Allen, equally as gorgeous, will be probing you with this
Aswell as DJ TucaTek, DJ Warfare, DJ Funk-E, DJ Jonny Manners, and last but by no means
least DJ SY with MC N.R.G, MC Superbeal, MC PieMan, MC Messiah and MC Leapzy-C
We will also have a merchandising stall by Made for an Angel, a BBQ, Fire act and Dancers,
Professional PA system inside/outside, lighting effects and backdrops.
On the night we will have Jedi-Promotions recording this event for all you ravers to look back
Oh and did I mention there will be bowling too??!! Yes we have five bowling lanes available on
the night for your amusement!
I think thats about it.
Advance tickets on sale now; Just 7.34 Each!
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