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 Exploration Underground Fest 2011 (0 attended)
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Posted - 2011/06/16 :  02:35:27  Show profile Send a private message  Visit ncws's homepage
[0 members attended this event.]
Event name: Exploration Underground Fest 2011
Starts: July 30th, 2011
Country: Australia
State/Territory: New South Wales

NCWS & GOLD FISH <o)))>< Productions presents

Due to popular demand by the real ravers in the rave scene Exploration is back for 1 awesome Underground rave but this time we are taking it so Underground that only the dedicated ravers will only want to attend. Kicking off in the early afternoon then going for 24 hours will make this the longest rave of 2011 in sydney, featuring over 10 different types of rave sets at a outside remote venue with a intense set up will bring back the rave vibe that sydney is missing with a psychedelic twist .....

25 DJS - 2 MCS - 24 Hours - 16+ EVENT - 1pm till 1pm - 30th JULY 2011

Trance - Psy Trance - Goa Psy Trance - Dark Psy Trance - Tech Trance - Drum & Bass - Dubstep - Jungle - Hard Tech - Hard House - Old School Break Beat - Old School Happy Hardcore - Old School Hard Trance - Old School Hardstyle - Old School Hardcore - Freeform - UK Hardcore - Happy Hardcore

Full Coloured Lasers, Trippy Decor, Awesome Sound & Wicked Lighting & Lasers

PLUS a "Spinferno" Fire Performance @ 10pm

Nice but Friendly Security for your safety

UNDERGROUND LOCATION - Venue details will be sent to all pressing attending on facebook 1 day prior to the event

Line Up:
Ahavamour (Another Psyde / Uroboros Records set)
Vile Delusions / Symbiosis (Secret Psyde / Another Psyde/ MMD Records)
Matt Sasso (Orange Generator) - Poseidon (Strange Arrangements) - LySergicDan (Familiar Vibes) - Seth - Gee Wiz - Cloudze vs Boos Xbox vs EWS Sound Psychology - Call & Response Franky Ritmo (ACT) - DJ Syph - DJ Deliver Snappa DJ Dimension - Executive Project Guilty Suspects - Fazed - DJ Akrite - k-Nos - Pilldogs

Hosted by MC Harlequin & Napsta MC

(Decor by LySergicDan & Seth - - Lighting, Sound & Decks by



Email: or facebook "Non Commercial Western Sydney"



Email: for tickets

$20 limited early birds - On Sale Now
$30 final release
$40 on the gate


Event Rules:
* Tickets will not be sold to any lads or potential trouble makers
* No illegal drugs or underage drinking allowed
* No Rnb Remixes will be played by any of the DJs
* Take your rubbish with you once leaving the event

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