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 Dead World 4 (1 attended)
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United States
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Posted - 2011/12/07 :  04:59:45  Show profile Send a private message
[1 members attended this event.]
Event name: Dead World 4
Starts: February 25th, 2012
Country: United States
State/Territory: Michigan

Over 1300 Zombies walked through the doors of last years legendary Dead World 3, this year we are aiming to bring to you an even crazier partying experience. Here is Phase 1 & 2 of our line
up! There will be more amazing high energy headliner still to be announced!

~~~M'asstodon Sound Crew~~~
Hardcore/BBHC/Japanese Hardcore/Toronto
It's been several years since we've had this massive duo out to Detroit, But the team of DJ Virus and MC Gobs are back.The badass team of one of hardcores most well known dj's in north
america & one of the top mcs in hardcore history is & ready to rock Detroit once again! Virus has been rocking raves for over a decade and is extremely well respected amongst Hard Dance
Producers for his wealth of knowledge about Hardcore Rave music. There are few people on the planet that have the kind of dedication to Hardcore that Virus does, and its matched by impeccable
taste in tunes.

On the other side there's Gobs formerly known as MC Gobstopper, Gobs has MC'ed for some of the biggest names in hardcore history and has performed at some of the biggest hardcore events in
the world including hullabaloo, the world elecetronic music festival and toronto's goodfellaz party's!

Get ready for a headlining act that you wont soon forget these guys are the definition of hardcore and are sure to keep you Dancing, yelling and screaming all night long...

Free Mixes!!!!!
M'asstodon Sound Crew - Double trouble
M'asstodon Sound Crew - Live @ Rev It Up
M'asstodon Sound crew - Live @ Destiny 666 Freakout
Dj Virus's Take us away set from his las time in Detroit
M'asstodon Sound Crew live @ Wemf 2000
Dj Virus - Konnichiwa4 (Japanese hardcore)
Dj Virus - The Red Planet
Dj Virus - Hardcore Death Ray

Check out

~~~Saiyan ~~~
(Toronto, Ontario, Canuckistan)
Canadian Hardcore Collective, Krafty Radio,
Hardcore Stuff and or Things/Music That Doesn't Suck
The year was 2001, at a tiny little club in downtown Toronto called the 160. Saiyan, having taken the name a scant few months before, was added last minute to the lineup of a party his
roommate was throwing, and immediately blew the roof off the place. Oh wait, that's a typo. That should say "completely blew chunks". It was awful. Gobs The Zombie was there (back when he was
still alive), you can ask him. But on that night Saiyan, at that point really more of a hobbyist DJ with a preference for freeform, was completely hooked on performing live, and he resolved
to become the very best he possibly could in order to continue feeding this newfound addiction.

Ten years and a metric f***ton of practice later, Saiyan is one of the key members of the Canadian Hardcore Collective, and is considered by many to be one of the best hardcore DJs in all of
North America. With his signature high speed, quick mixing, genre bending style he has rocked crowds from Quebec City to Phoenix, Seattle to New York City, Ottawa to Dallas, and everywhere in
between. Literally everywhere. Even a mudhole on a mountain in West Virginia. When Saiyan finally makes his long awaited Detroit debut, there's no way of knowing just what you're going to
get. But you can bet it will be awesome. Like a perfect double tap to the head of an incoming zombie. Or cupcakes. Mmmmm cupcakes.

Check Out:

Recommended Mixes:
All My Hoes (Cheesy 90s happy hardcore):
Cataclysm (Freeform):
Chimichanga 2: Stab Harder (Genres? What are genres?):
Here There Be Dragons (Gabber):
Live at Snoochie Boochies 6 (Stuff and/or things):
Shoot 'Em The Bird (Hardstyle):
Sort of Not Really Live 9: Sakura-Con 2010 (eurodance/hardcore):
The Fresh Prince of Belair Way (UK hardcore):

~~~Gobs the Zombie~~~
Columns of Knowledge
Heavy Bass Multi-Media Experience/Toronto
Gobby Z has been thrilling raves and clubs as a top DJ and MC for over a decade. By 2003, as Gobstoppa, he was taking bookings across North America, while also holding residencies with two of
the continents legendary promoters, Hullabaloo! and Goodfellaz. The crown of North Americas top hardcore MC was his until he died a tragic death in 2006. Fortunately for us Gobs rose from the
dead to take over the stage as Gobs The Zombie. Since then, no dancefloor has been safe from his insatiable appetite for bass, beats and brains.


Gobby Z has a performance style that combines DJing, MCing, video projections, stage theatrics, and crowd interaction. It really needs to be seen to be comprehended. luckily, he has a concert
DVD. It was shot in 2007 at Toronto's Sound Academy (then known as The Docs) by people in the crowd, during the city's largest Halloween event.

The entire DVD is up on Youtube, split in to 7 parts...





Death On Wheels (Gobs The Zombie rmx) - A primitive Evolution - November 2010
Bit Lotta Bass - Gobs The Zombie - Intellegenix Records - October 2010
Pig Slop - Gobs The Zombie - Unsigned - June 2010
Zombootie (Gimme That Brain) - Gobs The Zombie & Kink - Unsigned - February 2008
Yea Hell Yea (Gobs The Zombie's Mo' Rotten rmx) - Belladonnakillz - Unsigned - September 2007
free mix

Extra stuff!/gobsthezombie

Born in Florida and raised in Dallas TX, MrPanda started spinning at age 19 in his friends Dallas apartment and has been addicted ever since. His intense mixing style consists of Drum n Bass,
Breakbeat Hardcore, Hardscape, Freeform & UK/Happy Hardcore. Playing along side some of the biggest names in the hardcore world (Delta 9, Brisk, Jen Mas & Dj Rize) Have earned him quite the
name and now is ready to bring his wall shaking sound here to Detroit for his first Debut appearance.

Download links:
Robot Love
Feelgood Ep 4

Extra stuff

~~~Donald Whan vs. Starkiss~~~
Freeform/UK Hardcore/Detroit/PA

Detroit's own hardcore badass & PA's most slammin hardcore heavy hitter will be taking some time to rock the **** out of your ear drums! Between Donald Whan & starkiss these to have worded
with some of the biggest names concurred some of the biggest hardcore events in north America including the 3 day World Electronic Music Festival & New Yorks Massive hardcore party Candy
Ball. So get ready to go H.A.M. to the perfect hardcore team!

Free mixes on

Extra Stuff
Starkiss Dead World 3
Donald Whan @ DWMC

Capt. Chedda


Low Frqncy

Static Brothers (Ekem vs Enjoi)

NineEleven (Yoshi vs Tk)

Live Mau5

Dj Shack
Ghetto tech/detroit

Mr. Busy


Bass Music/Detroit


Button Eyes
Techno/Live PA/Detroit

Dj Ukraine




~~~~Event Includes~~~~
*Free demos from djs
*Very Very low price
*Free hand outs
*Wall shaking sound
*Mind blowing lasers by Full Flex Visuals
*Safe parking
*25 High energy Djs
*3 Killer rooms
*4 Intense headliners
*Legal venue
*Heated smoking area
*Free fresh fruit
*Kind security to keep your party experience safe
*The one and only vibe only we can provide

WARNING!!!! This event is expected to sell out! Please take
advantage of the presales to avoid missing out. Presales will be on soon doors open at 9pm GET THERE EARLY TO AVOID LINES. Need more info search Dead world 4 on facebook or
call 248.632.0984 the night of the event
As always this event will be $10! Because here at Hardcore 313, we think you should be able to enjoy yourself, for a fraction of the cost :) Event will be @ 2281 W. Fort St., Detroit, MI,

more info:

This is an 18+ event you must have valid ID

The Line up is full please be patient while we release the rest of the line up...

~~~~More To Be Updated As the day and week goes on :)~~~~

Hardcore 313 is back with what is(I'm sure) the best Zombie Themed event in Michigan! If you missed out on last year, here's a few previews of what you stayed home for!

DJ Rozz(End of the Night when no one wanted to leave!)

Danny K

Past dead world awkward stories

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Brian K
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United States
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528 hardcore releases
Brian K has attended 5 events
Posted - 2011/12/07 :  06:16:07  Show profile  Send a private message
is this at club sin? trying to find hotels around there

"we'll delete the weak"

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