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 Bubble Bobble 4 (1 attended)
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Posted - 2012/02/01 :  03:41:49  Show profile Send a private message
[1 members attended this event.]
Event name: Bubble Bobble 4
Starts: March 31st, 2012
Country: United States
State/Territory: Arizona


Phoenix's biggest annual foam party is back with the FOURTH installment and biggest headliners yet. International
hardcore SUPERSTARS Dougal and Gammer will be headlining, along with many other national and local acts to keep the
dancefloor moving till the early morning.... More information to follow. Please feel free to invite all of your
friends and help keep bubble bobble phoenix's favorite annual!

Tickets are now on sale online and in stores!
Ultra Limited $10 presale (online only)
$15 when those are gone
$20 when those sell out
$25 until the day of the party


In stores:
Tea Infusion Tempe Marketplace (across from Barnes & Noble)
Graffiti Shop (414 s Mill b102)

Lineup Info:


Dougal and Gammer - UK

Internationally recognized masters of hardcore, Dougal and Gammer have the musical equivalent of the midas touch,
with every track they release being pure musical gold. When checking the hardcore section of you'll
be hard pressed not to find the best sellers being produced by one of the two. Some of their awards including Best
Hardcore DJ for Gammer 3 years running, and MTV & Eternity voting DJ Dougal as the Best Rave DJ. Headlining such
international festivals as HTID, Uproar, Sanctuary Festival, and more, the European duo is a rare sighting in the US,
and not one you'll want to miss.

Hardcore Saves the World -Seattle

Oh no! The party has been invaded by monsters, what will we do? Never fear, Hardcore Saves The World is here!

HCSTW brings together Seattle's resident hardcore masters Jimni Cricket and Ian K in a live show like no other,
blending DJing and showmanship together and making crowd participation is a MUST! See our DJs battle evil villains on
stage while your eardrums get bombarded by bombastic hardcore beats! This is Phoenix's first chance to catch this
magical stage show, so come be a part of hardcore history in the southwest!

MoonStruck Red - Dallas

When you mention hardcore in Texas, one of the first names that springs to mind will be Moonstruck Red. Capable of
throwing down sets that encompass nearly any form, he's best known for his hardcore that often incorporates twists of
heavy metal. You may have caught him at other shows in Phoenix such as Kandieland or My Friend Jason's Other House,
but if not, now is your chance.

Doug the Soundsmith - Cincinnati

The guy who first introduced Clix to the rave scene, Doug has been playing out in the underground and club scene
since before most of the rest of the country was aware that electronic music existed. After his crowd-rocking
performances at Lingerieve 2 & 4, he's back for bubble bobble to throw down an ALL VINYL oldschool set with tracks
that will once again leave the newbies floored and the veterans nodding in approval.

All responsible ages welcome!

Text your name and the word BUBBLE to 602-284-2842 for a chance to win FREE TICKETS

Foam Machines by

After Party: Boba Bobble at Tea Infusion @ Tempe Marketplace starts at 4 AM and includes free boba drinks for the
first 30 people in line still
wearing their wristbands.


Get your bikinis for the contest from the official bikinis of bubble bobble!

Event Location
441 W Madison
Phoenix AZ 85003

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Posted - 2012/03/27 :  17:01:24  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit jimnicricket's homepage
Ravers beware. I have been told this mad dr is on the look out for love and will be attending bubble bobble. Lucky for you all Iank and my self are there to protect the good city of phx. az.


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