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 7th Heaven (1 attended)
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United Kingdom
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Joined: Aug, 2012
DJSnap has attended 1 event
Posted - 2012/08/07 :  07:55:48  Show profile Send a private message  Visit DJSnap's homepage
[1 members attended this event.]
Event name: 7th Heaven
Starts: November 24th, 2012
Country: United Kingdom
City/Region: England

Time: Doors open 8pm - 4am
Venue: Fluid Bar @ 40 Charterhouse Street,
Farringdon, London, EC1M 6JN
Facebook event:

7th Heaven features a unique blend of the best rave music from the UK and Japan, combining
J-Core, UK Hardcore, Freeform, and Drum & Bass from DJs JAKAZiD, TANUKI, Snap,
Tyujia, Dyzphazia, and Shenny. This incredible line-up offers something for all tastes, from
light-hearted geeky tunes to serious floor-smashing anthems for the dedicated raver. This
unmissable showcase of upcoming talent is underscored by free entry, well-priced cocktails
and delicious Japanese food.

DJs on the night:

JAKAZiD - J-Core / UK Hardcore

JAKAZiD is a DJ/producer originally from Portsmouth specialising in stupid dancefloor-
orientated hardcore music. his music takes influence predominantly from 90s rave music as
well as Japanese music. His tracks have been featured on several TV-advertised compilations
released by Virgin EMI, Gut and Warner as well as video games by KONAMI.

TANUKI - J-Core / UK Hardcore / Drum & Bass

TANUKI is a UK based artist/DJ who has been producing electronic music since September
2009. He has had tracks signed to music labels in both the UK and Japan on various CD
releases such as the well-known "Hardcore Underground", Enigmatic LIA, "Shot Music",
BPT and JCM compilations. He also has a song featured in the Pentavision arcade game
"DJMax Technika 3".

DJ SNAP - Convention style J-Core & UK Hardcore

Snap started DJing in early 2009, playing at conventions and niche club nights, and has
played nearly every major anime convention since - regularly to crowds of up to 1000 people.
As well as his love for all things geek, he is also a big fan of hard dance music, and enjoys
mixing the latest hardstyle and hardcore. He is known for playing a blend of bouncy energetic
hardcore, often sampling from old video games and anime, as well as a wide variety of brutal
hardstyle beats.

DYZPHAZIA - J-Core / Freeform

Dyz first got into the rave scene many years ago through older siblings going to local
underground Hardcore Raves. After hearing this movement of new music, this was instant
love for hardcore and so the story began. Around the same sort of time (1994-1996), Dyzs
older brother had been watching Anime for several years, although until now Dyz hadnt been
old enough to understand the more adult themes. After watching the Devil Man OVAs when
he was, this sparked off a life long love of Japanese culture, animation and music.

Dyz has been mixing Freeform for 6 years and J-Core for 4. Now managing a successful
underground electronic music podcast and rated best up and coming Freeform DJ by many
top artists, Dyz has turned his attentions to learning how to make music. He now has two
released records on reputable record labels and is playing regular Freeform events in the UK.
While J-Core has taken a bit of a back-burner for 2012, Dyz still follows the scene and listens
to it frequently. He also has forthcoming releases on major hardcore label Relentless Digital.

DJ TYUJIA - The best of UK / Happy Hardcore

Tyujia started DJing in late 2010, the result of a chance query of "happy hardcore" on
youtube leading to an unbridled fascination with the incredibly talented hardcore DJ, DJ Cotts.
What began as mere emulation soon matured into her own unique approach to mixing
hardcore, favouring euphoric upfront vocal tracks pushed to the extreme tempo of 185 bpm.
She is also a dedicated scratch artist and pursue it with the same relentless enthusiasm for
the technical finesse as her mixing.

Tyujia's first public performance was at the MCM Expo October 2011; an unofficial endeavour
borne of a love for the music. As a result she was invited to perform on the Fringe Stage at
the May Expo 2012 and came off an even bigger success as another crowd of dedicated
ravers partied for hours in the blazing sunshine.

DJ SHENNY - The freshest K-Pop, J-Pop and Electro beats

A UK anime scene convention DJ, who started playing to crowds in 2008.

In 2008 Shenny went from playing to a crowd of 30 to 100 and now plays up to over a 1200+
people at events such as Kitacon, Ayacon, Alcon and most recently the MCM Fringe Stage. All
while playing regularly alongside DJ Digi at the Cosplay Clubnights, which they founded with
other like minded J-music folk in 2008. He has also DJd guest slots for many other smaller
club events and has had a couple of his mixes played on student radios up and down the UK.

Specialising in K-Pop, J-Pop, Anime, Game Soundtracks, Electro, House, Chilled/Ambient, 90's
Pop, Ballroom and live remixes and mashups of the afore mentioned genres.

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United Kingdom
6,834 posts
Joined: Oct, 2011
_Jay_ has attended 41 events
Posted - 2012/09/06 :  09:43:00  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit _Jay_'s homepage
How fcuking good does this look?! And in London. Dunno how I've missed this.

DEFINITELY on this one.


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