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 Let's Get Stupid - Outdoor Party (0 attended)
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Posted - 2015/07/01 :  08:25:49  Show profile Send a private message  Visit ncws's homepage
[0 members attended this event.]
Event name: Let's Get Stupid - Outdoor Party
Starts: November 21st, 2015
Country: Australia
State/Territory: New South Wales

NCWS Presents
LET'S GET STUPID - Outdoor Party
Saturday 21st November 2015 - 24 hours - 16+ event
Music Starts at 2pm - Gate Opens Midday

Line Up
Weaver - UK Hardcore/Self Produced (1 hour set)

Haze - UK Hardcore/Self Produced (1 hour set)

JTS - UK Hardcore/Self Produced (1 hour set)
Remane (Vic) - UK Hardcore/Freeform/Self Produced (1 hour set)

Loose Cannon (Act) - Acid/Techno/Hard Trance (2 hour Vinyl set)

Team Rocket - UK Hardcore/Self Produced (1 hour set)

ASYDLAB - Live Trance Set (1 hour live set)

Thierry D - Drum & Bass/Jungle/Self Produced (1 hour set)

Snappa - Hard Trance (1 hour Vinyl set)

ChrisCo - Old Skool Hard House/Old Skool Italo/Rave (2 hour set)

Inoxia - Freeform/FinNRG (1 hour set)

Mike Dewitt - Hard House/Hard Trance (2 hour Vinyl set)

Pato De Gomah b2b JustRick - Trance/Prog Psy (2 hour set)

Professor Purn - Prog Psy (1 hour set)

Sai - House/Trance/Rave (2 hour Vinyl set)

Absence ? Neuro/Jump Up Drum & Bass/Self Produced (1 hour set)
Zed - Oldskool Rave/Happy Hardcore (2 hour Vinyl set)
Toxic Sludge - Prog Psy (1 hour set)
** Set Times: TBA **
Free Camping - Market Stalls - Chill Out Area - Friendly Crew & Vibe
BYO Drinks for 18+ - 10k of Sound - Awesome Lighting & Lasers - Trippy Decor
Vinyl Sets - First Aid - Spynferno Fire Performance
90 min drive from Richmond (lowered cars not recommended)
Market Stalls:
## Om Noms
Food & Beverage Stall
## The Psychedelic Store
Tie Dye Clothing
## Facepainting by Jessinta Briton
$10 Full Face Design, $6 for Small Designs, Body Art (Tbc at the event)
Beyond the Rainbow
## CMYKawaii
Custom rave and alternative gear for all tastes
## SugarMaple
SugarMaple is a shop that appears at festivals, cons and others. You will find
jewellery and accessories, art, flower crowns, poi, crystal orgonite & more!
Things to bring:
Print Out of Presold Ticket
5L of water per person (20L reusable camping water container is recommended
for each car)
Warm Clothes (Thermals, Jumpers, Jackets, Thick Socks, Boots, Gloves etc)
Toilet Paper & Smiles
Optional things to bring:
Tents/Camping Chairs/Tarps/Gazebos etc
Alcohol if you are over the age of 18
Nangs (Please make sure all nangs go home with you)
Extra cash to buy food, clothing etc from the Market Stalls
Fire Staff/Poi/Rope darts etc (Please fire twirl away from any decor etc)
Glowstixs etc
Things not to bring:
Negative Vibes
Illegal Drugs
Things not to do:
No littering, please take your rubbish home (Garbage bags will be provided on
No stealing
If there is a Fire Ban, camp fires will be banned (If camp fires are allowed,
please contain the fire & put it out if it's unattended)
$40 + B.F Presolds now on sale, email [email protected] for
ticket/event info
* Tickets available until the 17/11/2015 or once sold out (200 available)
* Tickets only sold to all who love the music & the scene
* All tickets include 20% off all dry hires over $150 from (Valid until the 31.12.2016)
Decor Competition:
To enter simply make some decor & take a photo of it & post it on our facebook
page or email it over to [email protected] by the 1st of November


Event Rules:
* No striped polo shirts, backwards dancing, hakking or negative vibes
* Security & crew reserves the right to refuse entry. Please bring your smiles
to our event.
* Tickets will not be sold to any lads or potential trouble makers
* No Rnb Remixes will be played by any of the DJs
* Be good to the environment & take your rubbish with you once leaving the
event or place in the provided bins/skip bin.
* No hassling crew for sets
* No Posers/Shirtless wannabes
* No Fire Twirling near decor
Support: Dance Party Hire, Psychedelic Intensity, Onyx Photography, The
Psychedelic Store, Om Noms, JTS Recordings, Executive Records, AAA Recordings,
OneSeventy, Rocket Science Club, Spynferno
Non Commercial Western Sydney
ABN: 21 722 978 179

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