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 Jabra - Activate The Core Chapter 1
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Joined: Dec, 2003
Posted - 2020/01/13 :  22:44:27  Show profile
Poll question:
Jabra - Activate The Core Chapter 1 - How do you rate this mix / track?
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djmyers has donated money to the site djmyers has attended 4 events
Posted - 2020/01/15 :  09:11:52  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit djmyers's homepage
Mix Track List:

Al Storm - Boomz & Bangz (Breakbeat Mix)
Darwin & Jack In The Box - Take You Down
Alexander Norman - Toys
Marc Smith - Deep In My Heart
Darwin - Got To Change (BK Edition)
Skinny & Darwin - Waxin Maxin
Technikore - Think About You
Fracus & Darwin vs Riffresh - Let Me Take You
Klubfiller - XTC
Alaguan - I Can Feel
Technikore - Hold It Check It
Fracus & Darwin - Faster, Stronger
Darwin & Entity - I Surrender
Eufieon - Dream of Heaven
Darwin - Kick & Sample
Brisk - Airhead (Fracus & Darwin remix)
Dougal - Shine on You
Darwin - Stay On This Track
NP Source - UROK (Happy Hardcore Mix)
Technikore & Ravine - Freakz (AK47 remix)
Fracus & Darwin - Milkshake
Ranzor - Interplanetary
Alexander Norman - King Kobra
Darwin & Horizon - Two Souls
Ben Nicky - Anywhere (Technikore remix)
Breeze & Macks Wolf - Turn On The Light
Fracus & Darwin vs Macks Wolf - Hold On To The Fire

DL Link

Andy Myers
(Yep... I'm still here guys)

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Edited by - djmyers on 2020/03/02 14:13:29

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