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 Music discussion - hardcore
 My current all time top 20
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Author Thread  
Advanced Member

United Kingdom
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Joined: Feb, 2008
Posted - 2021/08/25 :  21:22:35  Show profile Send a private message
How i've done it.... I basically ran through every year from 96-21 and selected my favourite 3-5 tracks, put them in a playlist and through process of elimination and moving them up and down managed to come up with the below. I've put the approximate release year in brackets. Also this list pretty much confirms that I greatly prefer UK Hardcore than Happy Hardcore.

This is not meant to be the all time top 20 for everyone but rather my favourites.

1- Re-style - One Last Dance (2020)
2- Hypasonic - Lost without you (Squad-e remix) (2009) knocked off top spot
3- JDM feat marie Louise - Love everlasting (2012) former #2
4- Druid & Sharkey - Bonkers anthem remix (2007)
5- M&C - Magic touch (Squad-e remix) (2007)
6- Darwin & Brisk - Every time (2014)
7- Dougal & Gammer - Senses (2017)
8- Force & Jack Speed - Welcome (original mix) (2007)
9- Jamie Ritmen - Amnesia (2007)
10- Dune - Raiunbow to the stars (Entity remix) (2021)
11- Alaguan - Safety Net (2020)
12- Paul Elstak - Luv you more (tweakcore & gammer remix) (2018)
13- DJ Noriken - Remember Blue (2019)
14- Sy & Unknown - Love song (2010)
15- Kevin Energy - Hardcore fever 2011 (2011)
16- M-Project feat Yuki - Laugh with your heart (Scott brown remix) (2016)
17- Scott brown - Bleep song
18- Ham, Demo & Time - Here I am (Fracus & Darwin remix)
19- United in Dance - Still the one (2004)
20- Ranzor - A spiritwolf Medley (2014)

This will get a mix at some point.

remain calm do not be alarmed do not attempt to leave the dancefloor

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Average Member

United Kingdom
183 posts
Joined: Mar, 2021
Posted - 2021/08/26 :  00:09:59  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit possys2's homepage
looking forward to the mix. some great tracks in there, also i few ive not heard of

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Craigavon raver
Advanced Member

2,184 posts
Joined: Sep, 2007
Craigavon raver has attended 1 event
Posted - 2022/01/23 :  20:56:50  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Craigavon raver's homepage
Not even 1 happy hardcore track! and are you not one of the complainers of modern/uk hardcore? lol and a right few tracks in there I've never heard before, maybe i'll check out your mix if ya did one


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