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 Sparkz designer clothing business
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Posted - 2022/03/02 :  23:52:25  Show profile Send a private message

Just some text from our page on eBay:

Welcome to BTR Style.

Established as a clothing retailer in 2020 with plenty of business experience behind us, we started up because we are passionate about designer clothing (Even our business name was derived from the initials of some of our favourite brands, Barbour, Tommy, Ralph).

We feel fortunate to be in this industry and we love every moment of it. In fact when pallets of stock arrive, we will always pick a few items for ourselves to keep.

Thanks to years of business experience, we have a large list of suppliers who deal directly with us to provide us with new stock every single week (which has allowed us to grow significantly in such a short space of time).

Our aim is to be one of, if not the best designer clothing retailer on eBay, and with feedback such as "The best men's boutique on ebay!", "best I've ever had from any seller, highly recommended and trustworthy" and "The best price on ebay", we are well on our way to achieving this.

Anyway in terms of stock, suppliers, etc. we are smashing it. Anyone on HH who buys from us is eligible for an extra 5% discount (contact us after buying via eBay chat).

Better still, contact me via inboxes here and we can just avoid sh*tbay fees and give you a massive discount. (redirects to our eBay store. It will in weeks to come direct to our website).

All 100% genuine clothing. Nice if we can get some HH support. We are keen to smash it as we already have. The logo alone is like, a lot of money, with my pug dog being the icon...

P.S yes it's not a f*****g self portrait of the dog. That was never the aim, it was just to show a pug there. We have the upper hand I guess to have forked out for a clothing retailer logo that isn't boring. 2 physical BTR shops will be opening soon.

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Edited by - Sparkz_LuckyStrike on 2022/03/02 23:59:47

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