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 Andy Myers - Hard Energy UK
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Posted - 2023/03/28 :  23:44:01  Show profile
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Posted - 2023/03/31 :  08:53:16  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit djmyers's homepage
Here is the tracklist for this first instalment of Hard Energy UK:

01: NP Source - In House Crew
02: Darwin & Jack in Box - Again & Again (original mix)
03: Jack in Box & Impulse Riders - Pounding Beat
04: Eufeion, K-Wire & Lost Faith - My House
05: Kaylene Sc@r & Lindsey Marie - In & Out of Love
06: Triplestar - The Composer
07: Alaguan - Good For Me
08: Dy5on - Make It On My Own (Alaguan remix)
09: Fracus & Darwin - Stay The Distance
10: Dy5on - Control
11: Darwin - Gmoork
12: K-Wire & Lost Faith - The Chosen
13: Rikki Architech - So Heavy (Tamerax remix)
14: Kevin Energy & Desire - Inter-Dimensional
15: Darwin & Dy5on - Principles of P.L.U.R
16: Kevin Energy & Afterburner - Music or Drugs

You can give Hard Energy UK a download by clicking on the link below:

Thank you all and please do enjoy, share and go nuts to Hard Energy UK!

DJ Andy Myers

Download my mixes & shows FREE

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