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 Music discussion - hardcore
 Resistance 004 / Soupwarz 001 - New Releases USA!
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DJ Tronic
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United States
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Posted - 2004/02/20 :  09:39:43  Show profile View artist profile Send a private message  Visit DJ Tronic's homepage View the linked resource
Whattup everyone,

I thought I'd give you all the heads up that we finally have received Resistance Recordings 004, the "RUN FOR THE BORDER EP", and Soupwarz 001 in stock. The official release date is now February 24th, but we put 'em on our site already for early purchase! Here's some info on the releases:

You can grab these releases at our online store:

RES-004: DJ Junkinx | DJ Tronic - 'Run for the Border EP'
(includes: Wreck the Diskotek - Junkinx original + DJ Tronic remix, Let Da Boom, The Pain Train)

::Fourth release from Resistance Recordings brings a new producer to the label, DJ Junkinx. Tracks are already being supported with top DJ’s having them in their rotations. Audio Samples:

A Side:
Wreck the Diskotek:
Wreck the Diskotek [DJ Tronic Remix]:

B Side:
Let Da Boom:
The Pain Train:

SOUP001: DJ Tronic | Carlos Alfonzo - 'Soupwarz001' [LIMITED 10" WHITE VINYL - 300 COPIES ONLY]
(includes: After Midnight, Pac This!, Spirit of SF, I Wish U Knew)

::New sublabel of Resistance Recordings, this label vows to bring some fun back into music! “AFTER MIDNIGHT” is a huge crowd anthem, with plays all over the world and throughout the USA. DJ Tronic side features familiar blend of American Hard House/Hardcore and the Carlos Alfonzo side features a blend of funky house and techno.

DJ Tronic Side:
After Midnight:
Pac This!:

Carlos Alfonzo Side:
I Wish U Knew:
Spirit of SF:

You can grab these releases at our online store:

*Also, every order of SOUPWARZ 001 will receieve a very limited special CD! Our way of saying thanks for the support!*

Thank you for your support.. we hope you enjoy the new releases and keep bangin those hard beats!!


dj tronic // resistance recordings USA . // san francisco, ca USA. // booking:

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