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 Music discussion - track ID request
 Another unknown tune
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New Member

United Kingdom
78 posts
Joined: Sep, 2001
Posted - 2001/09/20 :  11:57:59  Show profile Send a private message
Sorry about this, I know I've put loads of ID requests up! The tune contains lyrics which follow:

You are beautiful within,
you are beautiful without, there's no reason for your mind to be consumed with senseless doubt.
There are times we will remember,
there are nights we wont forget,
if we value every moment we will never feel regret.

Phew! that was long, thanks for any help :)


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MC RizlaDizla
Advanced Member

United Kingdom
1,056 posts
Joined: Sep, 2001
MC RizlaDizla is verified hardcore artist MC RizlaDizla has attended 20 events
Posted - 2001/09/20 :  12:26:28  Show profile View artist profile  Send a private message  Visit MC RizlaDizla's homepage
In everything you do, your love, shines through, love, love, love.

Classic m8.

I wanted to know this 1 aswell. I think its called Your Love Shines Through, Not sure who does it. It might be Hixxy as ive heard him play it loads of times

"Oh my goodness, Oh my Gosh. Here we go with a badboy rush".

Oh my goodness, Oh my gosh!!!

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Average Member

United Kingdom
181 posts
Joined: Aug, 2001
djstorm is verified hardcore artist
Posted - 2001/09/20 :  21:49:24  Show profile View artist profile  Send a private message  Visit djstorm's homepage
it might b "beautiful" on pengo recs
i think its by Blue zone


Al Storm

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Advanced Member

4,346 posts
Joined: May, 2001

716 hardcore releases
virus has attended 41 events
Posted - 2001/09/21 :  02:08:43  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit virus's homepage
naw its love shines through by chakra? or something like that... thats what everyone on ush has been saying when ppl ask about that tune

i dont remember how the pengo went but i know the vocal started "and its all too beautiful"


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