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 Music discussion - hardcore
 News from Bang! (The Album)
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Posted - 2004/12/20 :  23:07:35  Show profile Send a private message View the linked resource
Was just looking through their site and read through this...Thought i'd post it for anyone else to read....Sorry if this has been posted aleady as i'm only finding it now...


We're nearing completion of the track listing for the forthcoming Bang! album, but before I go any further please read this next statement carefully to avoid any confusion:

The forthcoming Bang! album DOES NOT FEATURE any mixes that were previously on
Next Generation Records/Blatant Beats.

I really want to make that clear from the start because I'd hate anyone to be disappointed. The reasons that it won't feature are simple, firstly, I don't own those versions, and secondly, even if I did, they've been on countless compilations for years and I wanted the newer material on here. So, if you see "Shooting Star" on the track listing, then it's a new mix.

Reserving your copy.

As you may already know, the number of albums pressed will be very few, maybe 1000 tops.I don't want to be left with a load of coasters, so demand initially will match the press. If I get reserves for 1000 then we MAY press more, but to be sure of your copy just mail us here and when we're ready to go, we'll contact you. Please make sure the email address will be valid for at least six months as delays usually occur, through no fault of our own, that's just the way things go sometimes.

Please make sure "Reserve me a copy of the Bang! album" in the subject line.

Please note: By submitting your email address, you ARE NOT obligated in any way to buy the album when it's released.
If you change your mind, then no problem, just ignore the 2 reminder emails we'll send, and we won't trouble you again.
We always comply with the Data Protection Act here @ Midex. Your email addresses WILL NOT be passed on to anyone, EVER.


I'm making sure the album is varied. I see many albums containing the same "sound" throughout, but I wanted to have different styles on mine. There's old skool stuff like "Til the day", some breakbeat from Luna C, there's some real hardcore from Devastate, and the new sound which I love from Storm & Euphony. It's a mixed bag, but if you like hardcore then there should be something on here you enjoy. You might not like all of it, but that's why there's lots of clips below... a sort of "try b4 u buy" affair.

Why older tracks remixed again?

I've had a couple of emails regarding this and it's a fair question. It's unlikely that Next Generation will release a Bang! album with the remixes they did on it, and to have a Bang! first album without tunes like Break of dawn, Shooting Star, Sunshine, wouldn't be right. So, in order to include these songs, I had to get new versions remixed that I owned, and I can now include them on the very first Bang! compilation album and from the response I've had from the tracklisting, loads of you agree.

Vinyl or CD?.

We've decided on a double CD release, one CD mixed and the other unmixed. I'll look into vinyl, but most tracks from the album will end up released on vinyl anyway at some point.


I haven't even thought about this yet, but it will be inline with other albums, if I can, I'll do it cheaper because I've always wanted to release my own album. Rest assured though, that by submitting your email address above IN NO WAY obligates you to buy when we're ready to go.

Track Listings


CD 02 MIXED BY DJ STORM (Final order may differ from that below)

Track #'s Tracklisting (Order may change) Remixed by

1 CD 01 & CD 02 Shooting Star (2k4 mix) DJ Storm & Euphony
2 CD 01 & CD 02 Lost In Space DJ Storm & Euphony
3 CD 01 & CD 02 'Til The Day (Blizzard mix) dj phosphor & dj justrich
4 CD 01 & CD 02 Sail Away DJ Storm & Euphony
5 CD 01 & CD 02 Fall To Sleep dj phosphor & Milennium Bugg
6 CD 01 & CD 02 Crazy Little Fingers dj phosphor & dj justrich
7 CD 01 & CD 02 Sunshine On A Cloudy Day DJ Storm & Euphony
8 CD 02 ONLY Break Of Dawn DJ Storm & Euphony
9 CD 01 & CD 02 Hyperspace DJ Storm & Euphony
10 CD 01 & CD 02 Shine A Light dj phosphor
11 CD 01 & CD 02 Crazy Little Fingers Luna-C
12 CD 01 & CD 02 'Til The Day (Bliss mix) dj phosphor
13 CD 01 & CD 02 Shine A Light (Touching Down mix) Devastate

For licensing reasons, the "Shooting Star" acapella will not feature on the album (sorry!)
However we will be compiling a CD of Bang! acapellas for future release with the correct licensing.

Audio previews will be up very soon

- - - - - - - - - - - -
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Posted - 2004/12/21 :  08:28:15  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit whispering's homepage

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Edited by - whispering on 2004/12/21 08:36:31

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