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 Scattered (7 attended)
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Posted - 2005/02/14 :  19:29:23  Show profile Send a private message View the linked resource
[7 members attended this event.]
Event name: Scattered
Starts: 2005/3/19
Country: Australia
State/Territory: New South Wales

SCATTERED - 7th Birthday

date: Saturday 19th March, 2005
age group: 15+ event
venue: 1902 262 522 after 6pm on the night

Prepare for a journey into the depths of the underground as Sydney’s most infamous dance event returns for it’s biggest edition yet…

The Scattered Experience:
Scattered is not an event where we set up somewhere and call it a party. The final product is the culmination of months of planning, searching and concepts drawn together to create an event that will be good enough to be the next episode. After months of concepting we’ve got it right and developed an event that will not only live up to the name, but also exceed the spectacle that was Scattered 8. To start, we’ve secured a huge legal warehouse venue where we can come out to play. Production is what Scattered events are renown for, and with BLM on board we’ve devised a production that will eclipse anything we’ve attempted before. The final result will include several massive scaffold towers, linked together via trussing and screens creating a wide full frontal effect for dozens of heads of intelligent and effects lighting. Lasers are our pride, and the most famous aspect of Scattered events. Still, to this day. Many people regard Scattered 6 as the best laser show that they’ve ever seen. That show was provided by Oracle laser, and we’ve signed then up to take charge of the Scattered show again – with three times the laser heads of the infamous show at Newtown Theatre! We'll be utilising the 16.7 million colur full colour laser alongside twin head blue green argons and a barrage of mirror, splitter, chaser and bounce effects. We are certain that this is something that even the most hardcore laser fan will appreciate. If you’ve been to a Scattered event before you know what to expect. If you haven’t, prepare to get Scattered!

Brooklyn Bounce [Germany]
Dj Bonebreaker live
Bass Beats & Melody – Loud & Proud – Club Bizarre – Born to Bounce.

After the legendary set played at our last event, Helter Skelter 2, Scattered is proud to welcome back German hard trance superstar Dj Bonebreaker from Brooklyn Bounce to headline Scattered’s birthday! Get ready for another hard trance & hardstyle onslaught!

Dj Impact [UK]
Raverbaby Records – FBI Records – Nu Energy Collective

One of the finest producers come performers of the next generation, Scattered is proud to welcome back Dj Impact. He rocked Helter, now he’s back to give Scattered’s birthday a nu-skool hardcore and freeform present direct from the UK. All hands on deck, brace for impact!

Alienation [AU] Debut Performance

Alienation is the collaboration between rave legend Dj Daydream and Mr. Scattered himself, Dj Midian. With several tracks already completed, and more on the way, this is the first time Alienation steps out of the studio and onto the stage. Expect to hear loads of their brand new tunes: hard, melodic, uplifting and driving trance, mixed up with the biggest anthems of the moment in a decks + FX live set.

Performers > Brooklyn Bounce [Germany] - Dj Impact [UK] - Alienation [DEX & FX] - Fenix - Suae - Team Rocket [Dave PSI, QT & Destiny] - Matrix - Flipside - Spank - Ctrix - Aladdin - Oky - Buggin - Tom-E - Exile - Phase One - Crystal - The Higgler

Earlybird Tickets > $25 + BF
To reward our most loyal patrons, we've put up 200 specially priced earlybird tickets on Be warned, they will go fast, so if you want one then we'd recommend that you get in quick!

Tickets > $38 + BF
We are proud to say that whilst increasing the size of this Scattered event, we've also held the ticket price the same price as two years ago! Why are we doing this? Because we don't see the need to increase our price. Scattered events are all about providing quality for good price, big events that are worth far more than you pay for them. We have delivered quality events for great prices for 7 years now, and we guarantee that for this Scattered it will be no different.

Warning - Scattered Events Sell Out!
This is not just some random hype to say buy a ticket now, it's simply history. Scattered's attract the craziest party people every event: Old Skoolers who come back to the scene for a good party, New Skoolers looking to see what all the fuss is about and randoms who hear all the hype and come down for one hell of a night out! Quite simply, The last 5 Scattered events have sold out – and this will be no different. Get in early, don't miss out!

The Venue > 1902 262 522
As always, Scattered have secured a massive all night legal party complex perfect for the event. We could advertise the venue, however we've opted to keep with tradition and use a 1900 number for the night. We love the element of surprise, and we're sure you will too!

Tickets: Earlybird Tickets > $25 + BF : Tickets > $38 + BF

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Posted - 2005/03/06 :  05:08:13  Show profile  Send a private message
any1 have any idea where it is yet?

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Posted - 2005/03/06 :  05:13:18  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit anfcore's homepage
no you wont usually find out till the day where it is on, but who cares DJ Impact is playin haha!! woohoo!

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