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 Music discussion - hardcore
 NAHM 1/18/06 (Blizzard Boys, Apollo, Virus)
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Author Thread  
New Member

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Joined: Dec, 2004
Posted - 2006/01/17 :  03:39:36  Show profile Send a private message View the linked resource
NAHM is back this week with the Blizzard Boys’ first set of the new
year! Join them with Sean Apollo and Virus as they rock you for four
hours live and direct from across North America!

Start times are as follows:

First Hour: Sean Apollo
Second & Third Hour: Blizzard Boys (JustRich & Phosphor)
Final Hour: Virus

Start times:
January 18^th , 2006

USA PST - Los Angeles, San Francisco:
3:00pm (Wednesday)

USA EST - New York, Toronto:
6:00pm (Wednesday)

UK GMT - England, Scotland:
11:00pm (Wednesday)

Germany - Berlin:
12:00am (Midnight Thursday)

Japan - Tokyo, Osaka:
8:00am (Thursday)

Australia - Sydney, Brisbane:
10:00am (Thursday)

To tune in -> or!

Live chat -> and click CHAT at the top. Get in your
requests and shouts!

Hey DJs! Think you’ve got what it takes to throw down on NAHM? Send us
your demos to our e-mail address:
<>! You can also send any and all
questions, booking requests, and comments to there.

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Advanced Member

United Kingdom
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Joined: Mar, 2004
Denile is verified hardcore artist Denile has attended 7 events
Posted - 2006/01/17 :  08:54:20  Show profile View artist profile  Send a private message  Visit Denile's homepage
w00! will really try and tune in to this


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