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 Music discussion - hardcore
 Al Storm New Tracks (with audio)
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Author Thread  
Advanced Member

United States
3,810 posts
Joined: Jan, 2004
warped_candykid has attended 5 events
Posted - 2008/06/24 :  21:38:59  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit warped_candykid's homepage  Reply with quote
Everytime I try to load the samples, it keeps saying "Error on page"

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Average Member

United Kingdom
187 posts
Joined: Mar, 2006
C.Kay has attended 3 events
Posted - 2008/06/25 :  21:45:11  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit C.Kay's homepage  Reply with quote
Already heard all these, nothing but good, quality hardcore.

Awesome stuff dude

Futureworld Records DJ

Live every Friday 7-9 pm on

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Starting Member

New Zealand
1 post
Joined: Jun, 2007
Posted - 2008/12/01 :  21:56:57  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit bradzor's homepage  Reply with quote
Osssh, bloody nice :D.

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Advanced Member

1,707 posts
Joined: Oct, 2005
Posted - 2008/12/02 :  01:33:20  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Vitalism's homepage  Reply with quote
muchos gracias amigo!

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Advanced Member

United States
824 posts
Joined: Jun, 2006
DJ_Axiom has attended 2 events
Posted - 2008/12/02 :  02:21:51  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit DJ_Axiom's homepage  Reply with quote
Isnt this thread old? lol


North American Hardcore Movement

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Advanced Member

United States
7,307 posts
Joined: Feb, 2006
latininxtc has attended 5 events
Posted - 2008/12/04 :  17:52:02  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit latininxtc's homepage  Reply with quote
Originally posted by DJ_Axiom:
Isnt this thread old? lol

let's not complain about digging up "old" topics. would u rather have someone go back and restart this topic? we just had a bonkers incident bout this let's not start it again!

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New Member

United States
32 posts
Joined: Oct, 2003
Posted - 2009/01/24 :  13:16:07  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit CabagePachDoll's homepage  Reply with quote
Ya know I personally am a MAAAAD Vocal head!!! I love em!!! My faves are....

Al Storm feat Malaya - Its Over

Cascada - What Hurts The Most (Al Storm Mix2)

Ultrabeat - Pretty Green Eyes (Al Storm Mix)

Al Storm feat Amy - Surrender 2008

YEP :) those are what stick out to me :) Lovin it!!!

on the "What Hurts The Most" track tho I thought the vocals could have been more soaring and I wish It just had it's original bouce back into it!!! But I always wanted to hear a Happy Hardcore version of that!!! That's just me the Anthem head ;) Rawkin

Keepin the cheeze alive and well!!!:) Ya huuurd ;)

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