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 Music discussion - hardcore
 Nu Energy Records: Forthcoming EP News & Audio
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Author Thread  
Senior Member

United Kingdom
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Posted - 2009/01/13 :  17:36:44  Show profile Send a private message  Visit N.E.C. HQ's homepage View the linked resource
Now into its 10th year running, Nu Energy Records, the flagship label of the NEC, always brings you the freshest and most ground breaking music around and these next two releases are no exception. The epitome of what the label is about; the first release brings you two amazing tracks from long established producers in the hardcore scene while the second release opens the path for the hottest, new, young talent around. Nu Energy's aim has always been to push the hardcore sound into unheard avenues and now is no exception. Check them out below and please leave some feedback. Thanks!

NUNRG072 – Slippery Disco EP
Slippery Disco is a brand new group consisting of two high profile members of the rave scene. Donna Grassie needs absolutely no introduction as she has been the voice behind countless Hardcore anthems for nearly two decades; as the lead vocalist in this exciting new outfit you can be sure that many more are in the pipeline! Fellow group member Sean Duncan has also been long involved in the scene and has made a name from himself as one third of the SMS crew, and more recently as a solo producer under the alias Erik De Grijze! With these two promising producers uniting to create Slippery Disco, and with the technical expertise of Alex McDougal, one half of legendary south-coast based outfit Ephexis in the engineering seat, it's no wonder that both tracks on this first EP are so jaw-droppingly huge! Plus, NEC head honcho Kevin Energy pushes his newly-founded studio skills and engineering expertise above and beyond by re-licking "Feeling High" into an epic progressive journey like you've never heard before! This is a gigantic EP featuring three totally fresh underground anthems that you'd have to be insane not to crave!

Slippery Disco - Feeling High
Spine tingling vocal hooks, ultra crisp production and suffused with song-writing genius, Feeling High raises the standard to seemingly unobtainable heights for Nu Energy Records. Causing absolute havoc on the dance-floors and with support from Kevin Energy & Sharkey amongst others, this release is indescribably huge!

Slippery Disco - Drift
Pushing the boundaries already, Slippery Disco lay down their manifesto with intent via this melting-pot of electronic mayhem. Progressive, ravey, uplifting & outrageously original - this track has all the elements needed to propel the dance-floor through a journey of epic proportions. Yet another killer release for the proprietors of creative cuts, Nu Energy Records.

Slippery Disco - Feeling High (Kevin Energy Purist Remix)
One of the freshest remixes produced to date using his newly-acquired home studio, Mr Energy gets down to doing what he loves to do best and sucks us in to a world of liquid rhythms and journeying trance melodies. Packed with more crisp production, this remix is one for the purist crew! Another large release guaranteed to detonate the dance-floor every time!

NUNRG073 – The Filling Me With Desire Remix Competition EP
A while back the NEC & Nu Energy Records hosted a remix competition offering the winners a chance to have their remix on a vinyl release and also a short term recording contract for their own EP further down the line. In a bid to encourage up and coming young talent, something label owner Kevin Energy feels is not done enough, the competition excluded any artist that had already had a vinyl release. Well finally here it is, the Filling Me With Desire Remix EP; one amazing deep purist mix, one exciting bouncy mix, one supreme hard dance mix and the other belting European hardstyle!

Kevin Energy & K Complex – Filling Me With Desire (DJ Sash Remix)
Sash is an up and coming producer from the Ukraine that likes his eggs eggy! Sash managed to make his submission entry 2 minutes before the deadline so he could squeeze in those final edits. The final production is very good indeed. Very deep and lush pads enrapture the breakdown as his new style main lead rises out of the space perfectly. The 2nd breakdown takes on a new journey to seal a totally awesome remix

Kevin Energy & K Complex – Filling Me With Desire (Endemic Remix)
Endemic are some of the most enthusiastic music purists around, are always there on the dance floor and have just started taking on production to really good effect. This remix creates a bounce and energy that offsets the deepness to the original really well. Just when you thought the track couldn’t get any better a clever slow down arrangement tweak sucks you in and spits you out!

Kevin Energy & K Complex – Filling Me With Desire (DJ Snort Remix)
Free party man DJ Snort is from the quaint town of Aylesbury just outside London. Snort has taken on a European style for the remix to good effect. The reverse off beat bass and the hard main lead sound coupled with the toned kik works a treat. It’s a really good take on the track taking it into new realms.

Kevin Energy & K Complex – Filling Me With Desire (Rob OTT Remix)
Up and coming UK producer Rob is part of the Diablo Traxx PA which is receiving a good run of gigs in the UK and his hand in their productions has gained him some digital releases. Rob has offered a really outstanding remix covering the hard dance genre, the production is really bright and clean and the attention to detail really stands out making this remix a favourite.

<b>Nu Energy Collective: ‘Representing

Underground Hardbeats Worldwide’</b>

08456 122 303

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Advanced Member

United States
2,849 posts
Joined: Jun, 2005
Leto has donated money to the site Leto has attended 7 events
Posted - 2009/01/13 :  21:36:38  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Leto's homepage
Coolness! The Endemic remix of Filling Me With Desire is SIIIICK. And the Rob OTT mix is enough to convert me to Hard Dance! SWEET!

Slippery Disco EP is awesome too. Really digging the Kev Energy remix and the breaks in the original.


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Senior Member

294 posts
Joined: Jul, 2008
Deverse has attended 2 events
Posted - 2009/01/14 :  13:18:05  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Deverse's homepage
Sash as in Sash who made Raindrops and the well known trance DJ? *wonders*

DJ / Producer ||

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Advanced Member

United Kingdom
7,205 posts
Joined: Apr, 2004

430 hardcore releases
bulby_g has attended 55 events
Posted - 2009/01/14 :  13:27:57  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit bulby_g's homepage
Originally posted by Deverse:
Sash as in Sash who made Raindrops and the well known trance DJ? *wonders*

Nah, it's a different guy. :)


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Edited by - bulby_g on 2009/01/14 13:28:52
Advanced Member

United States
1,903 posts
Joined: Mar, 2008
Posted - 2009/01/14 :  14:07:20  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit DJ-Intensity's homepage
Those choons are dancefloor smashers Slippery Disco 10/10.

DJ Intensity.

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Edited by - DJ-Intensity on 2009/01/14 14:08:01
Junior Member

United States
112 posts
Joined: Apr, 2008
Posted - 2009/01/19 :  17:23:35  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit sashman15's homepage
Hope you guys love the EP :)

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United Kingdom
12,533 posts
Joined: Nov, 2003
Triquatra is a site donation subscriber Triquatra has attended 26 events
Posted - 2009/01/19 :  18:39:55  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Triquatra's homepage
i havent bought new vinyl in AGES...

this will be the first new piece i buy..mainly cause donna grassies on it :P

Triquatra/Bee Trax/Cuttlefish - -

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Junior Member

United Kingdom
93 posts
Joined: Jan, 2009
Posted - 2009/01/22 :  14:22:06  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit smythy-endemic's homepage
awsum EP's here peeps, us in endemic have had such a sick time making our tunes, all four of us all have our own veiws on different styles of music. but wat we all share is a passion for trance and hard beats, and i feel we have captured the sound we want! to actualy have a release on NU ENERGY is incredible! nu energy is all about the true purist rave scene and is by far one of my favourite labels. thanx kev for this oppertunity!!!! i kno i speak 4 all us in endemic when i say... BIG UP

__________________________________ Check our shizzle here

Or check out my DNB alias D.R.O.P.S here

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