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 How to use midi to make HappyHC...
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Joined: May, 2001
Posted - 2001/05/14 :  16:52:42  Show profile Send a private message
I hear many people use midi on there conputer, I cant understand how... I have Sound Blaster Live 1024* on a 700 mhz with 384 mb ram... but the midi sound is crapy! Can anyone help me to learn to use mye conputer to make music beyond the tracking?

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Posted - 2001/05/14 :  21:36:56  Show profile View artist profile  Send a private message  Visit silver's homepage
You don't use the internal midi card to produce the sounds yeah it sounds like crap, beep beep beep.... You use the midi to trigger a keyboard or sythn to play a note on the keyboard and thus make a track. The same as tracking imagine when ever a sample is played it actualy plays a note on the keyboard (external)... etc..

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Posted - 2001/05/27 :  03:37:16  Show profile View artist profile  Send a private message  Visit phosphor's homepage
Beyond tracking on the computer ....
yeah .. there's piles of stuff out there beyoned the tracker. .(either Fasttrakcer/fruitylopps stuff)

there's a pile of soft synths that can be sequenced by cubase or some other soft sequencer .. either VST instrumetns, or stand alone soft synts.

REASON rite now seems to be the best all in one production program. Rebirth, VAZ modular, Reactor, Dreamstation, Orion are some of the other decent soft synts out there.

Producing loops or segments and putting them together in a program such as Sonic Foundaries Acid, or Cubase/Loggic Audio works damn well too (provided yer comuter has the power to process alot of audio data)

if you want to do MIDI ... the typical setup is to use Steinberg's Cubase or Emagic's Logic on the computer to sequence the MIDI data .. use something like Emagic's AMT-8/Unitor-8 as your USB/serial midi interface and get hardware gear to do produce the actual sounds.

check out

for a good rundown on both Audio and Midi setups for computers.

i have a MIDI studio at home (pc sequencr running hardware synths) for a gear list =)

hopefully this is kinda cohereinte .. the vodka toite is gettin' to me ;)

Dan aka phosphor / phaXs

-Dan aka phosphor/phaXis

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