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 7D 5: Hardcore Edition DOWNLOAD NOW!
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Posted - 2012/03/15 :  00:55:49  Show profile Send a private message View the linked resource


After another outstanding release, 7D The Seven Dimensions of Euphoria has returned, but this time doing something a little different. 7D 4 set the bar really high for the people at 7D, and we had a hard time trying to top that, but after a long brainstorming session, we have finally come up with something (with the help of the fans) that may top 7D 4! After getting quite a bit of requests for this, 7D 5 will be a Hardcore Edition. Featuring only Hardcore, and so massive names in the Hardcore scene, popular faces in 7D, newcomers to 7D, and 7Ds first bonus mix! 7D 5 is set to be the most anticipated 7D thus far! Be prepared to have your ears filled by some of the best Hardcore, mixed by:

DJ S3RL (Australia) Hardcore
EMFA Music

DJ S3RL from Brisbane, Australia, has been writing and producing his own tracks since the year 2000. Discovering PlayStations Music 2000 he taught himself how to write music and then eventually upgraded to Reason on PC and still uses that today. Before all of that, and most importantly, he was part of the rave scene as a raver, letting loose on the dance floor and going to every local event. S3RL stays close to his rave heritage even today.

S3RL scored his first break at the end of 2005 when Kevin Energy and Sharkey came down under. S3RL showed them his musical skills with a demo CD and it was only weeks later that contracts were being signed to join Kevin Energys infamous label The Nu Energy Collective (NEC). Releasing his first track 'Transformers' to vinyl made S3RL the first DJ in Queensland to be signed to a major, international hardcore label and not long after he was already mixing it up with names such as Kevin Energy, Sharkey, Hixxy, Brisk, Scott Brown, Darren Styles and many more.

Since then S3RL has released a multitude of tracks on various labels such as the NEC, 'Executive Records, Australia With Force and many more. His music has been featured on compilations such as 'Bonkers', Hardcore Underground and Masif Hardcore and has mixed a CD for the Hardcore Energy compilation series. All this while show casing his talent to a worldwide audience, DJing at events all around Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK and Europe.

Having multiple EP's to his name featuring tracks like the smash hit that truly broke him into the scene - 'Pretty Rave Girl', the follow up track 'Little Kandi Raver', his new labels Pika Girl as well as underground rave hit Dealer showing his spectrum of styles, S3RL has also worked with numerous bands from around the world doing re-mixes and collaborations. The most notable being his work with US band 'The Medic Droid' with his remix of their track 'Fer Sure' which also went on to become a worldwide hit.

Known 4 his intense stage presence and floor filling musical abilities, be sure to check out S3RLs mix in the massive installment of 7D!


1 S3RL & Synthwulf - Press Play Walk Away [Emfa Music]
2 Analog & Rushnosh - I Like It [Ravin Records]
3 S3RL- MTC [Emfa Music]
4 CLSM - Wicked MC (Haze remix) [G-Core Records]
5 S3RL feat Sara - Space Invader [Relentless Digital]
6 Technikore & JTS feat Alan Booth - Live Forever [JTS Recordings]
7 S3RL - 9 Bars of Equador [Emfa Music]
8 S3RL - Ready For Love (Ganar Remix) [Emfa Music]
9 Hixxy - Wanting To Get High (Haze Remix) [RaverBaby]
10 S3RL - Time 2 Burn [EMfa Music]
11 S3RL feat Sara - Better Off Alone (Haze & JTS Remix) [Emfa Music]
12 AB - Escapia [Stamina Records]
13 S3RL - Neon Genesis (Pulse Remix) [Relentless]
14 S3RL - Kamehameha [Emfa Music]
15 S3RL feat Tamika - Summerbass (Analog, TripleZero & Stelth Remix) [NA]
16 Haze - Free Speech [Executive Digital]

DJ Haze (Australia) Hardcore
Executive Records, Recycled Records, Recycled Digital, Executive Digital

Ben Hayes started DJing in 1997, producing in early 2003 and has had the opportunity to play at parties such as Utopia, Godspeed, Bass Control, Subcore, Prophecy, Masif Hardcore, Fantasia, Hardwars, Hyperspeed, Adventjah (QLD), Transmission and Helter Skelter.

Haze is the owner and label manager of Executive Records, Executive Digital, Recycled Records and Recycled Digital. He uses these outlets to push his productions, and the productions of other Australian artists around the world.

Each label has seen remixes from international producers such as Impact, Resist, Joey Riot, Fracus, Oli G, Sc@r, Uplift, Darren Hotchkiss and Australia's very own DJ Weaver & S3RL.

Haze's early beginnings started with breakbeat + drum & bass. His early musical influences are still reflected today in his hardcore tracks. Originally a lover of all styles of techno, Haze concentrates on Australian and UK Hardcore and strives to push the label in every way possible.

Renowned for his scratching abilities and tight mixing his 13 year DJ career has given him the experience to delivera mind blowing set each time.

Haze has played at every major dance party in Sydney, interstate in Adelaide, Queensland, Perth and Canberra and overseas in Christchurch, New Zealand along side DJ Weaver.

Be prepared for an energetic hardcore set that Haze is renowned for with plenty of new Australian and UK Hardcore tracks fresh from the studios!


1. SPIT - Dirt Bitch [Executive Records]
2. Yorkshire Ripper - Die Bitch [Executive Records]
3. JTS & NiX Feat. Sarah Marie - Remember [JTS Recordings]
4. SPIT - Binary (Eufeion & Relevant Remix) [Executive Records]
5. JTS Feat. In Measures - Can't Let You Go (Haze Remix) [JTS Recordings]
6. DJ Shimamura Feat. Yukacco - Dazzling! (Technikore & JTS Remix) [Dynasty Records]
7. SPIT - Body & Soul [Mohican Records]
8. Fracus - Never Love [CuttingEdge Hardcore]
9. Haze - Impact [Vacuum Music]
10. Sc@r - Rushin [Scarred Digital]
11. JTS - Stabs [JTS Recordings]
12. Skeets & Raichu - Galaxy [BassFace Recordings]
13. Yorkshire Ripper - Higher [Scarred Digital]
14. Haze & Sc@r - Bass Shake [Scarred Digital]
15. Jamie Dudlee - Nightmare [Executive Records]
16. Haze vs. The Acolyte - Executive (Haze Remix) [Executive Records]
17. SPIT - These Days [Executive Records]

Chris Freefall (United Kingdom) Hardcore
Naughty Habit

Chris first got into the rave scene many years ago through a friend lending him a Helter Skelter tape, this was instant love for hardcore and so the story began and he purchased his first set of decks after years of listening to hardcore. Chris started to mix Hard house back in 2000 however this was not really the direction he wanted to go, so he started buying Hardcore again his passion for this genre grew and he began to get involved with the Hardcore scene, spending a lot of time raving and getting to know people within the scene.

Chris has joined forces with Jonny Slide and now co owns Naughty Habit Records. There are some fantastic tunes to be released and he hopes that they can help keep the underground edge in Hardcore and provide artists that are signed to a way to get there music out to the right people and the recognition they deserve.

Chris freefall is just one of Chris aliass and Chris also goes by the name of Twisted Funk Playing Electro, Fidget, Funky and Tech House with bookings for 2012 going through the roof and the huge booking for the Modified National Car Championships at the East of England Show ground in Peterbrough playing to a massive crowd of 3000 people.

Chris freefall is just one of chris aliass and chris also goes by the name of Twisted Funk Playing Electro, Fidget, Funky and Tech House with bookings for 2012 going through the roof and the huge booking for the Modified National Car Championships at the East of England Show ground in peterbrough playing to a massive crowd of 3000 people.


1. Chris Freefall & Pinnacle - Rinse It Out [Naughty Habit]
2. Clowny - Move ya Body [Naughty Habit]
3. Chris Freefall - Black magic [Naughty Habit]
4. Sam E Rage - Acid Overdose [Naughty Habit]
5. James Dub - Drop This [Naughty Habit]
6. James Dub & Fast Freddy - Pilled up [Naughty Habit]
7. S3RL - Dealer [Relentless]
8. Chris Freefall & James Dub - Bust a Jam [Naughty Habit]
9. EKJ vs Kurt - Big bada boom [Naughty Habit]
10. James Dub - Last Record [Naughty Habit]
11. Chris Freefall & The Demander - Sale of The Century [Naughty Habit]
12. Jonny Slide and Miss FLUFFY VS Joey Riot - Oompah Stompa [Naughty Habit]
13. Chris freefall & No Sweat - Speaker Check [Naughty Habit]
14. Chris Freefall & No Sweat - Who The Hell [F/C Naughty Habit]
15. Pinnacle - Drop One (VIP Remix) [Trackmaster Music]
16. Pinnacle & Ben Av-it - Future Skool [Trackmaster Music]
17. Peaks & Pinnacle - Afrika [Trackmaster Music]
18. Chris Freefall & No Sweat - Get Ya High [Naughty Habit]
19. Chris Freefall - Do Not Resist the Beat [Naughty Habit]

DJ Kitsch (United States) Hardcore

7D is proud to welcome its very first female Dj! A firecracker from the start, DJ Kitsch is known for her massive stage presence, and pounding hard beats. Her love for harder hardcore, and her drive for different tracks definetly make her sets stand out from the rest. DJ Kitsch continues to captivate an ever-growing fan base with her originality and love for the people who matter the most: THE CROWD. In a nutshell, she likes it hard and fast, and that's how she will give it to you.

7D has listened some of Dj Kitschs mixes, and we are excited, and cannot wait to see what she has in store for 7D and the 7D fans!


1. Technikore, Al Storm, & JTS - This Is How It's Done! [Supersonik]
2. EMF-7 - Raver Raver Raver (Dj Kurt Remix) [Nu Energy]
3. Technikore, JTS, Wain Johnstone, & Kato - Supersonik [Supersonik]
4. Technical Difficulties Vs. Andi Camo - Filthy Minds [Technical Difficulties]
5. Impact & Haze feat. Lisa Marie - I'll Be There (JTS Remix) [Executive Records]
6. SPIT - Spit Rock 2011 [Executive Records]
7. Technikore - Goes Like That [Supersonik]
8. Intra & Bradski - Damaged (Technikore Remix Vs. Intraspekt DnB Mix) [Supersonik]
9. Intraspekt & Outsider - Had Enough [Supersonik]
10. Rising Star feat. Ashley Lawson - True Feelings (Skeets Remix) [Executive Records]
11. Andy Vilo & X-A7T - Bass Bitch [Violation Records]
12. Black Eyed Peas - Don't Stop (JTS Remix) [Executive Records]
13. Brisk & Trixxy - Eye Opener (Synthwulf feat. Zoe Van West Remix) [Nu Energy]

JAJ (United States) Hardcore

Ah, JAJ Such a talented Dj! After being on 7D 4, we felt that JAJ should once again appear on 7D after that banger of a mix! Hailing from California, USA and new to the dj scene, JAJ discovered hardcore just a few months after a friend introduced him into electronic dance music. From there, he realized that this fast-paced, upbeat genre was like no other. Within the likes of S3RL, Eufeion, and Al Storm, JAJ was inspired to become a DJ only a few years ago and after being runner-up for the past 7D 3 album, he has no doubt in stopping now. Although he is still a young rookie, expect him to deliver some of the most cheesy and banging hardcore beats around!


1. Dowster & Alex BassJunkie - Let The Bass Kick [Candy Crush Music]
2. Analog - Hardcore Scary Monsters [CD-R]
3. Alex BassJunkie & Steven David - Foxhole (Alex BassJunkie Remix) [Candy Crush Music]
4. Sc@r - Acid Porn Monkey (Dain-Ja & EMF-7 Remix) [Rush Delivery FREE]
5. Shauny C & Ixia - Rave Around The World [Adrenaline Records]
6. Skeets vs. Hyperactive EnemyZ Feat. S3RL - Live 4 The Rave [Executive Records]
7. Fracus - Module [Hardcore Underground]
8. Dowster - Happy Happy [Candy Crush Music]
9. AudioJunkie, Choc & MC Rainah - Live Another Day [CD-R]
10. Brisk & Vagabond - Hardcore Never Dies [Blatant Beats]
11. Ganar & Oli Gear - Fire Away [Hard Dance UK]
12. Jerv - Electro Funk Daddy Superstar [Vacuum Music]
13. Avicii - Levels (Mansy Remix) [FREE]
14. Ultravibes - Bang 2011 (Dowster & Vagabond Remix) [Acid Kandee]
15. Golly & Chaos - Disco Dancer [Raw Elements] VS. Darwin - Hard, Fast, Disco [Hardcore Underground]
16. Deejaybee & Compulsion - Energy (Bishop 2008 Remix) [CD-R]
17. Sash Dee - Feeling You (PARANOiD DJ Remix) [Bassface Recordings]
18. Alex BassJunkie - Brass DisQ [Envious Hardcore]
19. Clowny - Seizure (X-FIR3's Epic Riff Remix) [Relentless Digital]
20. Robbie-S & Jam vs. Bishop - Summer Jam [Make Some Noise Records]
21. Technikore - Simian Hardcore Disco [Supersonik Records]

DMS (United Kingdom) Hardcore

With a career in music spanning almost eight decades, persistent rumours of a slew of celebrity romances (most notably, and recently, with Dame Judi Dench), an alleged co-conspirator in the dubious demise of Princess Diana, continued episodes of substance misuse and a passion for Horticulture, rarely do DJs come as weathered as this man. Its even been suggested that the idea behind the film Inception came from a vivid hallucination that DMS experienced on day three of a failed attempt to break the world record for longest continuous DJ mix, which remains intact at 86 hours. Despite the grotesque picture that this biography paints, the man certainly has impeccable taste in Hardcore. After appearing on 7D Volume three, resulting in thousands - yes, THOUSANDS of downloads DMS' DJ'ing career has finally matched his massive ego. This career almost came to an abrupt end after a painful neck injury caused by him trying to lick himself. Now fully recovered, after this second appearance on 7D (Volume 5 : The midlife crisis edition), he might finally go away and leave us all the F*** alone!

Special thanks and mentions to the legendary Ionosphere, Stray, Audio Warfare and the crew. Jay (Ting Tong) Donovan at Hardcore Highlights, and you, the listener, for encouraging me to continue to indulge in the only remaining pleasure left in my sad, empty life.

Tracklist It's always a massive tracklist when it comes to DMS!

1. Core-Station - Happy Trance Anthem (Ionosphere Hardcore Remix) [Promo]
2. Z.O.E.E. - Techno wonderland (Sparkz Remix) [Free]
3. Darren Hotchkiss - Circa 2005 [Free]
4. Audio warfare - Nowhere Near [Trackmaster Music]
5. Ionosphere, Charco & Nova - All you said [Audio Weaponry]
6. CLSM & Entity - Rudloe (Cold war city) [CLSM]
7. CLSM & Entity - Rudloe (Cold war city) Breakbeat Mix [CLSM]
8. Fracus - To Be With You [HU Breaks]
9. DJ Entity & CLSM - Footsteps [CLSM]
10. Darren Styles - Screwface (Karthy's Big Riff Instrumental Remix) [Free]
11. Darren Styles & Gammer - You & I (Rhythmics Riff Edit) [Free]
12. Raving Donkey - Out Of My Mind [KRush UK]
13. Hoodzie - Out Of My Mind [Tryed 'n tested]
14. Skinny & Darwin - I Can't Get You [Hardcore Underground]
15. JTS & NiX - Solar [JTS]
16. Sy & Technikore - Prime Time [Supersonik]
17. Raving Donkey - Away [KRush UK]
18. Tandem Project & Pump Estate - Covered in Flames [Flammable Records]
19. D-Linquants & Last of the Mohicans - Like This [Relentless]
20. Easy big fella - Picture Show (Audio Warfare Remix) [Audio Weaponry]
21. CLSM - Timebomb (Andy Wilson Remix) [Free]
22. DJ Pinnacle - Drop One (VIP Mix) [Trackmaster music]
23. Archefluxx & Kesean beat - Kill them! (John kong Remix) [Free]
24. Boyle - Dirty hardcore bitch (Dowster & VAGABOND remix) [Candy Crush Music]
25. JTS - Psychedelic [JTS Recordings]
26. Dowster & VAGABOND - Party People [Candy Crush]
27. Ionosphere & Audio Warfare - Overpass [Audio weaponry]
28. Darts - Real Good Time [Relentless]
29. Firefly vs Pulse - Crazy Pillz [F/C Freeformaniacs v Ruffbeatz FREE Album]
30. H-Blast & Energetix - Back 2 Nature [F/C Freeformaniacs v Ruffbeatz FREE Album]
31. 3Star - The Chosen [Trackmaster music]
32. Darwin, Obie & Mr E - Future shock [Nu Energy]

DJ Midas (United Kingdom) Hardcore
Scarred Digital

Coming from the UK's forefront of musical innovation: Manchester, home to major innovators on the electronic music front, such as New Order, 808 State, Lamb, The Chemical Brothers and The Future Sound of London, but also home to commercial success Take That and succesful alternative bands Oasis, The Verve, The Smiths and Joy Division; DJ Midas was bound to be influenced by his hometown.

His musical career started when he got his first decks in 1996. Influenced by classic bands like Pink Floyd and Bob Marley and then the introduction to the innovative sounds of names like Luna-C, Prodigy and 808 State, the tone was set for his musical future.

With the rise of the electronic Rave and Hardcore music, his interest grew and determined his future.

Naming Kevin Energy and Sharkey as his major influences, DJ Midas now hosts regular shows on KraftyRadio, is affiliated as a promoter to the New Scarred Digital label as well as regular guest mixes on amongst others Digitally Imported, exploring the boundaries of the UK Hardcore scene, and more recently for adopting and promoting his love for the Freeform sound. DJ Midas has also organised the online radio event for Munted, as their 2011 party was cancelled last minute, hosting a multitude of the big names in the genre, such as A.B., Douglas, Endemic, Nick 235 and Substanced, aside from supporting newcomers Dyzphazia and Lambo and personally setting the tone by opening with the night, to critical acclaim.


1. Ultravibes - Drugs [Acid Kandee]
2. Ultravibes - Dust (Pulse Remix) [Acid Kandee]
3. Fracus - Albion (I want your Body) [Hardcore Underground]
4. Dizzy & SparkyBeast - Outside World [Statikore]
5. A.B. - Promise Me [Stamina]
6. Arkitech - When Tears Fall [A-tech]
7. Arkitech & Eryk Orpheus - Paranoia [A-tech]
8. Sc@r & Nick235 - Ibogaine [Scarred Digital]
9. Randy Mortimer - Penguin (Pinnacle Remix) [Stamina Records]
10. Pinnacle & Greg Peaks vs Douglas - Gliese Beat [Rebuild Music]
11. Andy Dee - Solas An Lae (Douglas Remix) [Rebuild Music]
12. Trancsend - Mindglow [Rebuild Music]
13. Douglas - Jonestown [Stamina Records]
14. A.B. - Qube [Watchtower Records]
15. Substanced - Exodus [Watchtower Records]
16. Sam one & SUbstanced vs Horzi - Lionheart (A.B's Vereslhato Remix) [Fingr]
17. Substanced - Evolution (Douglas remix) [Finrg]
18. Substanced & Alchemiist - Skullcrush [Finrg]
19. Substanced - There are no Happy Endings [Finrg]


DJ Cruze (United Kingdom) Hardcore
Trackmaster Music

For the better part of the last decade and a half, DJ Cruze has been bringing blistering hardcore beats to the main stage, back room, house party, field, radio station and in fact just about anywhere the UK hardcore genre can be heard and enjoyed. Having established regular sets with event brands both in the UK and abroad with America, Spain, Hungary and Ireland amongst other countries to his credit, its evident within five minutes of hearing a set from Cruze, that this is an artist that brings old school ethics to the next generation, with a new, throbbing, rocking and energetic enthusiasm that matches in turn the very essence of the scene he loves.

His work as a DJ and as an all round entertainer, word soon spread and it didnt take long for HTID, Hardcore Heaven, Fusion, Ravers Reunited and the likes of Natural Born Ravers to follow suit and soon enough he was sharing a stage with those he had either up to now admired as peers or presently a follower of. Artists like Billy Daniel Bunter, Seduction, Hixxy, Slipmatt, Gammer, and Joey Riot; he could now say hed appeared on the same flyer at the same event which added to his continuing and unwavering hunger for more.

Following the tradition of DJs also producing and working their own material to give their set that altogether independent edge, in 2006 Cruze met his present production partner Breaks and fulfilled another life long tick off the to do list, their first official release. The outcome of their regular studio sessions would see not only the invention of their production house Trackmaster Music (TMM), but also see their work signed to Robbie Longs widely acclaimed Thin N Crispy label giving rise to their first big release - the bouncy and frenetic Track Masters, that also showcased three other tracks of EP greatness that featured fresh productions Electro Hardcore, Watch The DJ and Scratch Attack.
Now, in 2012 Cruze is pleased to be continuing his input to a scene that he loves as much as it loves him, he continues to entertain gigs all over the globe and is most proud to be running the now established Trackmaster Music UK Hardcore label.


1. Jekyll - The Beginning [Trackmaster Music]
2. Cruze & Smokin' - Velvet Rope [FBR Digital]
3. Chris Fear - Above The Clouds [Trackmaster Music]
4. CLSM Ft. Lisa Abbott - Timebomb (WytchWood & Cruze's Gnome "O" Clock Remix) [Exclusive CDR]
5. Cruze & Smokin' - Venom [Trackmaster Music]
6. Blitzer & Outburst Ft. Adam - Get It Back (Cruze Remix) [Active Energy]
7. WytchWood & Cruze vs Lee Dennis - Everybody Dance [Hardcore Rapture Digital]
8. Cruze & Darts - Music Is My Life [Trackmaster Music]
9. Si Thompson - Power Cords [Trackmaster Music]
10. Audio Warfare - Music Box (Synthwulf Remix) [Trackmaster Music]
11. Firefly - Remote [Trackmaster Music]
12. WytchWood & Cruze vs Tom Revolution - Bass Kick [Trackmaster Music]
13. Burnzy - Turn Up The Bass [Trackmaster Music]
14. Dan Edge - Blitheness [Trackmaster Music]
15. Stompin Tom & Cruze - Mortal Beatz [Trackmaster Music]
16. Cookie & Cruze - Take Everything Away [CDR]
17. Pinnacle - Drop One (Greg Peaks Lifted Remix) [Trackmaster Music]

Release Date: May 20th 2012

7D Download site:

7D Facebook Page:

[/b]Facebook Event Page:

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Posted - 2012/03/15 :  05:05:33  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit D-tor's homepage
I love the lineup!

I can't wait to download it. Hehehehe

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Posted - 2012/03/15 :  06:14:11  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit deathproof627's homepage
Very sexy, very sexy indeed.

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Be Happy
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Posted - 2012/03/15 :  07:28:42  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Be Happy's homepage
This is going to be a wicked album, really looking forward to this!

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Posted - 2012/03/15 :  07:33:55  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Archefluxx's homepage


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Audio Warfare
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Posted - 2012/03/15 :  09:08:34  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Audio Warfare's homepage
Big up mate, that's gonna we wicked! REALLY looking forward to the Haze, DMS and Chris Freefall mixes.

Listen to released and forthcoming Audio Warfare/Audio Weaponry tunes here:-

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Posted - 2012/03/15 :  22:36:59  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Bonkers4Life's homepage
glad to hear guys :D Should be released sometime in May :) no final date, but it should be then

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Audio Warfare
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Posted - 2012/03/16 :  09:01:58  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Audio Warfare's homepage
You seem to roll them out quickly! I can't really keep up. It's a lot of music to get through when your car journey to work is only 7 mins. :P

Listen to released and forthcoming Audio Warfare/Audio Weaponry tunes here:-

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Edited by - Audio Warfare on 2012/03/16 09:02:56
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Posted - 2012/03/16 :  14:48:57  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Bonkers4Life's homepage
Originally posted by Audio Warfare:
You seem to roll them out quickly! I can't really keep up. It's a lot of music to get through when your car journey to work is only 7 mins. :P

Keeps me busy when theres nothing to do, and also sane, during the school year :P

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Posted - 2012/03/17 :  12:41:47  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit piumaki's homepage
Looks great!

Piumaki - Soundcloud

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Posted - 2012/03/17 :  15:19:13  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit v-act's homepage
As always: Can't wait :P

I got all mah money, and all mah juice!

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Posted - 2012/04/14 :  16:31:36  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Bonkers4Life's homepage
Info up!

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Posted - 2012/04/14 :  19:14:00  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Warnman's homepage
Wow! I am impressed by this lineup.

Ravers unite!

"Happy Hardcore: Love it... hate it... it's fun!" (Matt Stokes)

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572 hardcore releases
djDMS has donated money to the site djDMS has attended 41 events
Posted - 2012/04/14 :  20:22:46  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit djDMS's homepage
Simply outstanding.

But enough about me, there are some other people on there too!

Taking my time to perfect the beat

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Posted - 2012/04/29 :  00:17:34  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Bonkers4Life's homepage
Half the tracklists up! TAKE A DAMN LOOK!

Anyway to get this on the front page?

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Edited by - Bonkers4Life on 2012/04/29 01:00:02
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United Kingdom
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Posted - 2012/04/29 :  13:14:56  Show profile  Send a private message
How do you manage to keep churning these out lol?

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