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 Decent, reasonably priced mp3 players
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Senior Member

United Kingdom
337 posts
Joined: Jun, 2011
Posted - 2012/03/24 :  14:18:58  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Karthy's homepage  Reply with quote
Originally posted by JustIncredible:
Originally posted by Karthy:

Would definately recommend this, nice a small, no problems, video qualitys very nice, sound qualitys nice... Not got a bad thing to say about it! Never had a Philips though.

Can pick it up for much less than the 100 price on that website aswell ;)

Does that sound quiet at all? I only ask because I've owned 2 of those. I bought one from Argos and had to send it back because it was patheticly quiet and and overall music quality was awful (compared to the NWZ-S639F), the other one was imported from the US and sounded much better but still not as good as previous Sony models.

I have a Sony walkman phone and it's alot louder in terms of volume, it can get to the point where it hurts my ears, so no problems there for me...

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Advanced Member

United Kingdom
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Joined: May, 2004

41 hardcore releases
swansea247 has donated money to the site
Posted - 2012/03/24 :  14:31:58  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit swansea247's homepage  Reply with quote
i would recommend a sony walkman usb mp3 player with a pair of sennheiser in ear canal headphones. the missus has a similar setup but all in pink

as for me, my iriver h320 packed up last year (had it since 2004/05) so i'll be getting this set up soon

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Advanced Member

United Kingdom
892 posts
Joined: Jan, 2006

13 hardcore releases
Posted - 2012/03/24 :  17:35:53  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Phobz's homepage  Reply with quote
I've had a sony nw hd-3 and it lasted 10 years and decided to die on my so i'm looking for a new one too. That does look like a nice setup swansea :)


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