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Posted - 2012/05/07 :  17:58:01  Show profile Send a private message  Visit Jedi-Promotions's homepage
Jedi Productions is proud to bring to you Jedi Promotions in April of 2012 which is a totally FREE website dedicated to you for us to advertise/promote Artists, DJs, MC's, Events, Venues and Radio stations.

If you would like us to promote/advertise you then please contact us directly via our email service only at and we will have you up on our site within 72 hours in receipt of email guaranteed.

You will not have to do anything as we would like the following details from you so we do all the hard work and put you up on our site, along with your very own page.


1. A full Bio/Cv with as much information as possible.
2. A list of tracks and samples ( samples to be at Bite Rate of 128 kbps which will be available on your profile page ) .
3. A list of all stores where your tracks are available.
4. Label information if tracks are signed to any labels
5. A range of picture and artwork you have available.
6. Contact Details.


1. A full Bio/Cv with as much information as possible
2. A list of all venue or radio station you have and still play.
3. Pre-recorded or live demos.
4. A range of picture and artwork you have available.
5. Contact Details.
1. A full Bio/Cv with as much information as possible.
2. List of events you have MCed at and who for.
3. Contact Details.


1. As much detail as possible ( address, dates,DJs and MCs on the night ).
2. A list of ticket outlets and ticket prices.
3. Drinks prices.
4. Dress code.
5. A range of flyers you have available.
6. Website links and facebook group page links if available
7. Contact Details.
( We will come along to your events and record them whether it be audio only or video and audio and all for FREE if you would like your events recorded and we can also stream your event LIVE for your followers that cant make the event, this service will also be FREE!! )

1. A full Bio of your venue.
2. Entry fees.
3. A price list of drinks and offers
4. As much artwork as you can possibly supply.
5. Contact Details.

Radio Stations

1. A full Bio of your station.
2. Web address.
3. A list of DJs and genres they play.
4. Stream links ( WMP / Winamp / Real Player / Quicktime ) along with html embed codes.
5. A range of picture and artwork you have available
6. Management.
7. Contact Details.

Jedi Promotions will work along side each artists that we work with to find the best suitable label whether it be ( EMI , Sony, Columbia, Jedi Records ) or any other labels that suits your genre and what would be best for you as an artist and your needs, and we will charge you absolutely nothing for our services.

All DJs and MCs , we will working along side you to find you events and online radio stations to play on.

Event holders and venues, we will work with you to find you DJs and MCs to suit your style events or you can contact the listed members on this site freely as our services are completely FREE.

Radio stations that are listed on this site we will work along side you to advertise your station and advertise for DJs if you require them and the genre your station is needing.
Please remember this is a completely free service to ALL and we will work our best for YOU and YOUR needs.

Once we have received all the info we require from you, we will work on getting your page up within 72 hours but if there is for any reason a delay in getting your page up we will contact you straight away.

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Edited by - Jedi-Promotions on 2012/05/07 18:17:23

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