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 Music discussion - hardcore
 ILHB2: Douglas asks Fracus the important questions
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Hardbeats HQ
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United Kingdom
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Posted - 2012/05/16 :  09:24:35  Show profile Send a private message  Visit Hardbeats HQ's homepage
No messing! Let's get down to it! What does Fracus mean?

According to the urban dictionary it means noise making without purpose. That wasnt there when I picked the name, so Im taking full credit for it! It actually doesnt mean anything, it was just a totally unique name that sounded ok. Its a deliberate misspelling of the word Fracas because I didnt want an ass in my name.

Your label is Hardcore Underground, but in a funny twist of fate, what's the highest above ground you've ever been?

Id imagine about 30,000 feet in a plane like most people. Id love to say Id flown a U2 or something but, you know, I havent so

Grapefruits - mmm or urrgh?

Weak fruit; dont like them or indeed their attitude(s).

If you only had one letter to shape yourself like from YMCA, which letter would you go for and why?

Would have to be Y, Id injure myself trying any of the others. Plus itd caused some amusing wordplay if anyone asked why I was stood like that.

Mine would also be Y but just because it's standing tall and proud as if to say "yea I'm here, what you gonna do about it?!"

My mum's name is Cheryl. Do you like it?

Not really. Can I still play at ILHB?


Give us one hot quick production tip.

Treat your room acoustically and spend money doing it properly.

Have you ever had a world record poo and bought the poo up as if it was your son? Did he wear glasses?

Any poo of mine would be genetically perfect, and therefore his eyesight would be perfect. Im
just trying to work out if itd make any difference to him getting bullied if he did wear glasses though, probably wouldnt be the first thing other kids would pick up. As for world record, well, who knows. Id be too scared to contact them in case it wasnt even top ten material and I just looked ridiculous.

Oh right, I only ask because mine was Bono

When was the last time you had earache that reaaaaaaally hurt?

Last time you sent me a demo ;)

Good joke!

Have you ever worn your mum's make up? Stockings? Dressing gown?

Not all at once ha ha ha. All joking aside, I have worn my mums dressing gown; on November the 18th 1994 for about 6 minutes. It didnt feel like I thought it would though.

Every time Darwin sees us he tells about how constantly annoying you are, but what did he say was the most annoying thing about you?

It would probably be my unbreakable optimism and the fact that I never seem to get stressed or moan about anything. I guess that could be annoying ;)

What toy or gift do you hope for when pulling a Christmas cracker?

A bottle opener, everytime. Wow, I guess working full time in the music industry I really have adjusted my life goals accordingly.

To get extra deep creases out of a shirt whilst ironing I sometimes wet a handkerchief and place that on top of the crease and then iron on top of that. Can you please offer up your favourite household tip?

Get a cleaner. Theyre cheap and you can really start leaving stuff lying around when you know theyll be around later to sort it.

Do you have a favourite word? I'm currently really enjoying Pimlico, as in the place in London.

Flux. Everythings always in a state of flux. Plus it reminds me of the flux capacitor which is what makes time travel possible.

What's the worst thing you've done in front of your dad?

I watched Emmerdale once when he was visiting. Felt pretty bad about it afterwards.

Does the loose flap of the toilet roll go room side or wall side?

Roomside motherf**ker.

Now that Pluto is sadly no longer considered a planet in the Milky Way, and Neptune is Nigel's, can we expect a Hardcore Underground up Uranus?

Youre entirely free to have whatever you want up Uranus, just dont expect me to put it there.

Is there a point to the no returning? Or should we return?

Youve misunderstood the true grammatical content of the title, and inferred a totally different meaning to the one actually conveyed. Ive made my point; youre it. No returns!

Rainbow face? Was this a reference to CDJay?

No, its about an ultimately good guy who just falls in with the wrong crowd and ends up in prism.

Anything planned for your ILHB set with Douglas?

Wow a serious question. Yes, quite a lot of new music to be showcased. Itll be a chance to take things in a different direction.

Give us a run down of your current top 10 soups and tracks.

Too many to narrow down to a list, but were still enjoying lots of our own stuff. There are some hot promos from Bachelors and Heinz still doing the damage. Theyre really easy to mix too.

What do you think is a suitable wedding present for my best mate?

Statistically? Vouchers for a good lawyer.

Quick word(s) association:

Prostitute Julia Roberts
Michael Gove I have no idea who he is. The Secretary of State for Education and he looks exactly like you.
Biscotti Coffee, the giver the of life.
Parallax Military grade stomach upset
Barbarian - Civilisation

Can you count to three out loud? If so, try and prove it.

Ok Im ready to have a go. Count me in

DJ Paul Cumbum who is headlining our remix room at ILHB2 is so obsessed with production and reproducing the sounds with his mouth that every time he ejaculates into his sock, which noise does he make?

-Acid stab
-Dubstep wobble
-32 bar uplifter

Id like to believe its a 32 bar uplifter, but in my heart of hearts I know its probably just an acid stab like the rest of us.

[b]Any final words?

Its a beautiful life, so dont waste it. Come to Vauxhall and dannnnnnnnnnnnnce!

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