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Author Thread  
Senior Member

United Kingdom
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Joined: Oct, 2009
Posted - 2012/07/13 :  13:32:57  Show profile Send a private message  Visit Hoodzie's homepage
Artist Various Artists - I'm A Tryed N Tested Raver

7.49 for this which means you Save 14.86!!!

Tryed N Tested Presents!! I'M A TRYED N TESTED RAVER 15 TRACKS!!! UNMIXED!!! We have decided to tell the story of 2012 so far. With 15 unmixed tracks from the Tryed N Tested catalogue!! Tracks by Hoodzie, Echo, Distortion, Ben Manic to name a few!! We have had some brand new artists that joined us this year and have so much more to come. So enjoy the bundle album.

Tracks featured

  • Ben Manic & Hoodzie - Stand Still
  • Echo & Hoodzie - Stupid
  • Echo & Hoodzie - Never Be The Same
  • Hoodzie - Out Of My Mind
  • Hoodzie - The Machine (2012 Mix)
  • Ben Manic - Try
  • XLR8 Rush Hour - Distortion & Hoodzie Remix
  • Aural Kaos Feeling You
  • Aural Kaos - I Don't Want Nobody Else
  • Echo - Suck My D!ck
  • Ben Manic & Hoodzie - Ready For This
  • Distortion - Wherever You Will Go
  • Distortion - Alone Again
  • Echo - Malfunction
  • Hoodzie - Feeling So High

Track It Down


iTunes mpt=uo=1


With this we are now taking orders for our 'Tryed N Tested Raver' hoodies.
If you would like to purchase a hoodie you can either message me on here or by emailing

You can also go to the Tryed N Tested fanpage on Facebook and message us on there.

These are priced at 20 Pound plus a 3 Pound postage fee.

So i hope you enjoy the releases and a massive thanks to everyone supporting the label so far this year! its always appreciated!!

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Advanced Member

United Kingdom
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Joined: Oct, 2011
_Jay_ has attended 40 events
Posted - 2012/07/13 :  13:39:15  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit _Jay_'s homepage
Ben Manic - Try. SUCH a tune. Album is probably worth it just for that tune.


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Advanced Member

United Kingdom
1,033 posts
Joined: Sep, 2011
Archefluxx has attended 2 events
Posted - 2012/07/14 :  11:26:21  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Archefluxx's homepage
Stand Still is such a tune :D


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Senior Member

United Kingdom
275 posts
Joined: Oct, 2009
Posted - 2012/07/16 :  09:55:16  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Hoodzie's homepage
Thanks for the comments lads ;)

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