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 Douglas - In My Mind / Ice Cream - 11/02/13
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Stamina Records
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United Kingdom
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Posted - 2013/02/01 :  12:13:13  Show profile Send a private message  Visit Stamina Records's homepage
Coming to TRACKITDOWN on 11.02.13!

A: Douglas In My Mind
BOOM! Stamina Records rockets into 2013 with a fresh EP from the master of imaginative music Douglas. Heading up this killer eclectic 2-tracker is In My Mind a ferocious upfront assault of dancefloor driven energetic freeform hardcore. Pure power smashes through the system and infects the party as Douglas' driving bassline, epic warm leads and infectious vocal snowball towards an explosive climax. This is undiluted raw energy only for those that have got the Stamina to handle it! Have you?

View the video here:

AA: Douglas Ice Cream
Flipping things over and Douglas unleashes 'Ice Cream' - a quirky and different cut with pure prog power chords that lead to an intuitive arrangement dripping with atmosphere. Big tech-trance leads hook in the crowd and make way for a deep and driving drop that takes a crowd from hands-in-the-air to feet hitting the floor - hard! Peppered with bizarre vocals that will mind-screw the most sober of raver, this underground cut has been blasting out to devastating effect in clubs worldwide. Add some 'Ice Cream' to your set pronto!

View the video here:

FREE Stamina tracks:

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United Kingdom
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Posted - 2013/02/01 :  14:03:42  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit _Jay_'s homepage
Fcuk me! Ice Cream is massive.


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