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 Events: North America
 WEMF 2003 - Canada (4 attended)
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Author Thread  

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894 hardcore releases
silver is verified hardcore artist silver is a site donation subscriber silver has attended 108 events
Posted - 2003/05/15 :  02:52:13  Show profile View artist profile Send a private message  Visit silver's homepage View the linked resource
[4 members attended this event.]
Event name: WEMF
Starts: 2003/7/25
Country: Canada

WEMF 2003
The Ninth Annual World Electronic Music Festival

July 25-27, 2003

Once again, the biggest, best and longest running festival of its kind touches down in Ontario, Canada. We promise a weekend of musical delights from around the world that will imbibe your senses and gratify your soul. From the very beginning of the electronic music scene in Canada to the present day, we have been there to entertain you and provide you with something others can't. We now invite you to join us for a very special milestone - our TENTH ANNIVERSARY! Yes - that right, after years of festivals, massive one-off concerts, club nights and weekly events, Destiny is a perfect 10! Expect nothing but the best as we cap off another glorious year with a lineup second to none and an event that will blow your socks off... We invite you to be part of history in the making!

Event Attractions
* Over 200 different performers from around the world
* Two massive outdoor all ages dance stages both featuring full service liquor bars for the 19+ crowd
* Four all ages circus big-top tents for rain or shine enjoyment all weekend long
* Daytime entertainment and music
* Visual art displays and performances throughout the weekend
* Newly added parking fields allowing on-site parking for thousands
* Organized camping zones located adjacent to the parking fields
* Breakfast, lunch and dinner menus served by a wide range of food vendors including vegetarian choices and available 24hrs. a day
* 24hr security patrols for your safety
* On-site medical staff and first aid centers
* Clean beaches, parks and shops just moments from the event site
* In-out privileges for people and cars through our wristband policy
* Improved shuttle bus service from Toronto that can be pre-booked by date and time
* Vendors from across North America
* RV access and electrical hook-ups
* Free giveaways and prizing all weekend long
* Two licensed areas for those with ID

(Sponsored by DAMN! Management, Temporal Rhythm & Kremlin, Amsterdam)

BT (Laptop Symphony - A Live Remix Set)
Orkidea (Finland - Unity, Temporal Rhythm)
Cor Fijneman (Holland - Black Hole Recordings, ITWT, Temporal Rhythm)
James Holden (UK - Border Community Records, Kremlin)
Lost Witness (UK - Radikal Records, Ministry of Sound, Data, V2)
Chris Liberator (UK - Stay Up Forever, Cluster, Smitten,
D.A.V.E. The Drummer (UK - Cluster, 4X4, Hydraulix,
Jon the Dentist (UK - Phoenix Uprising, Boscaland, Tidy Trax,
DJ Xdream (USA - Topaz, Caffeine, CFN, Stimuli, Stuck on Earth,
Hatiras (Canada -
Dave Nation (UK - Xtravaganza, Ministry of Sound)
Lori The HiFi Princess (Austria - Feierballrecords, Shimmy,
Kenny Glasgow (Canada - MWE - Turbo Recordings, Nation)
Lenny Dee techno set (USA - Fourth Floor, XL, Industrial Strength,
Lou Cypher Project live (Synthetix Recordings, Headbang Records, Canada)
Aponaut live - (Canada - Audiocode,
OS/2 (Canada - Topaz, Noom, Chug ‘n’ Bump, TTC,
Dr. Trance (Canada - Ascension, TTC,
Jelo - (Canada - 2Wars, Project, Bugeyed, EasternBloc,
Stretch & Hooker - (Canada - Dose,
Greg Gow - (Canada - Restructured, Blue Bookings)
Luke Spellbound (Australia - Destiny,
Paladin 5.1 (Canada - Parts Unknown,
Eryk S. (Canada - Heavyhead Music,
Steve Venom - (Canada - Funky Boodah)
Phantasm (Canada -
Mifody (Canada - Samogon Records)
Android (Canada - Samogon Records)
Saint Pete (Canada - Posativa Records, TTC)
Drag N Fly (Canada - TTC)
Fuzion (Canada - BPM TV)

(Sponsored by Destiny & Numb Clothing)

Ray Keith (UK - Dread, Penny Black, UFO, MMI)
Krafty Kuts (UK - Finger Lickin Records)
DJ Rap (UK - Proper Talent,
Official CD release tour event: DJ RAP: Touching Base available in stores June 17, 2003
Bailey (UK - Metalheads, Radio 1 Xtra)
Swamp (USA - Decadent Records)
Kenny Ken vs. Capital J (UK - Mix ‘n’ Blen, MMI vs Can. - Wikked,
Freaky Flow & Flipside (Canada - Moonshine,,
MC Shabba D (UK -, Highly Blessed)
MC Eksman (UK - New Breed London)
MC Armanni (USA - 5Sighted, Substitution, Gasm, MMI)
Czech (Canada - Futuristic Funk Records,
DJ Boogie (USA - Southside Clique,,
Marcus Visionary (Canada - Visionary, Flex, Hustlin Beats, Yard, Bomb)
Catchin’ Wreck aka DJ Lush & L Natural (Canada - Hustlin Beats, TOV, Bomb)
Mystical Influence (Canada - Vinyl Syndicate, Crunk, Bomb)
Illfingas (Canada - Fortress, Furious, Jedi, Bomb)
Ryan Ruckus (Canada - Empire, Hustlin Beats, Yard, Bomb)
DJ Spinz (Canada - Blackmarket Records, Blaydrunner,
Slip & Slide (Canada - Vinyl Syndicate, Elements, Bomb)
Everfresh (Canada - On-Point Recordings,, Bomb)
OriginalVIBE (Canada - Destiny, Numba 3)
Red Lion (Canada - Destiny, Numba 3)
Crash (Canada - Brock Out Sessions)
Rick Toxic (Canada - Fully Charged, 105.5FM,
Dj Saigon (Canada - Numb)
D-Syfa (Canada - Impure, D.A.R.K.)
Spyda Brown (Canada - Robo, Oneblood Sound)
Speaker Phreaker vs. Kamikazi- (Canada - Eclipse)
Dave Saddler (Canada - Outofhand)
D Monic (Canada - Focus, Pure Phunk)
Robb G (Canada - Broken Beats, Promo Records)
Marty McFly (Canada -
Willar X (Canada - Serenity, outofhand, FnF,
J Bolan aka Quality DJ (Canada - Sticky Icky Records)
Tasc (Canada - Ottawa DMC Champ, Theory, Focus)
MC Caddy Cad (Canada - Destiny, Empire, Bomb)
MC JD (Canada - Destiny, Wikkid Records,
M.C.P. (Canada - Empire, Bomb)
MC Tragedy (Canada - Empire, Bomb)
MC Bandit (Canada - Empire, Focus, Bomb)
MC Lucid (Canada - Criminal Beats)

(Sponsored By Just Two Mgmt

Jesse Saunders (USA - Stanton - Broken Records - Just Say Agency - Just2)
DJ Vicious Vic (USA - Neurodisc - Topaz Records - MimeX - Just 2)
Omar Santana breaks set (USA - Moonshine - Topaz Records - H20H Rec - Just 2)
Andy Hughes (USA - Neurodisc - MTV - Balance Record Pool - Bless - Just 2)
Abstract (USA - Phunckateck - Formation - Rat Records - BBS - Just 2)
Victor Dinaire (USA - Logic 3000 - BMG Music - Just 2)
Ariel Cybana (USA - DubCoast - SisterSF - Just 2)
Pleasurehead (USA - Stuck On Earth - Topaz Records - Just 2)
Soniq Stylz (USA - Fuse Records -Activ8 - - Just 2)
Titonton (USA - 3000 Black - Residual - Palette - Just 2)
Joshua Van Horn (USA - Fuse Records - Dance Nation - Just 2)
Chris Johnson (USA - Fuse Records - Just 2)
Mike Maxim (USA - Fuse Records - Just 2)
Nautigroove (USA - In The Groove - Just 2)
Ben Davidson (USA - In The Groove)
Annalyze (USA - Stanton - Breakline Crew - WK Djs)
Voigt-Kampff LIVE (USA - Zeropoint Records - WK Djs)
Dream (USA - Ascension_AM - Airplane Clique - Diva DJ's - Just 2)
Tease (USA - Groove Fuel - Ultra Flash - In The Groove - J&S Productions)
Clay-Born (USA - Breakline Crew - Wishing Well)

World of Hardcore Stage
(In association with, Eclipse & Big Kahuna)

[lurl="/records/record_artistprofile.asp-action=artistdisplay&artistinfoid=19"]Hixxy[/lurl] (UK - Raverbaby, Jellybaby, React records, Slammin' Vinyl)
[lurl="/records/record_artistprofile.asp-action=artistdisplay&artistinfoid=474"]Lenny Dee[/lurl] (USA - Fourth Floor, XL, Industrial Strength,
DJ [lurl="/records/record_artistprofile.asp-action=artistdisplay&artistinfoid=40"]Sharkey[/lurl] (UK - Bonkerz, Nu Energy
[lurl="/records/record_artistprofile.asp-action=artistdisplay&artistinfoid=66"]Fade[/lurl] (UK - Next Generation, Blatant Beats,
Silver (Japan - / MasterWax Records / Digitally Imported Radio)
Omar Santana (USA - Moonshine - Topaz Records - H20H Rec - Just 2)
[lurl="/records/record_artistprofile.asp-action=artistdisplay&artistinfoid=665"]S4[/lurl] vs. Grimace (Canada - Synthetix, Nu Energy, L.C.P. vs. Darkrave, Chills, Nile)
Dominik (Canada - Chills, Hardcore Pioneer!)
S.O.S (Canada - Sounds Of Sugoi,
Indica (Canada - Sweet Leaf)
[lurl="/records/record_artistprofile.asp-action=artistdisplay&artistinfoid=363"]Frisky[/lurl] & [lurl="/records/record_artistprofile.asp-action=artistdisplay&artistinfoid=550"]D-minus[/lurl] (Canada - The Lost Boys, Hullabaloo, ATM recordings)
Tyrant (Montreal / Simian,
Unabomber (Canada - Nightmare, Destiny)
The Deacon (Canada - Nightmare, rev.909, Irritant Records)
Ken Finch vs. Lady Bass (Canada - CHILLS, Skratch-n-Sniff)
Mannik (Canada - Dork Knights, Elation Records UK, F3, Airhead)
Virus (Canada - M'ass'tadon, Sourkee)
Hujib (Canada - Hyper Stomp, ATM recordings)
FuzzBoy (Canada - Nightmare, E-mail)
Elixir (Canada -, Pornstar, Dynamix)
Ruffage (Canada - RFU, Phase 4, Elation Records)
Saiyan (Toronto / Airhead, F3, Dork Knights)
Tyco vs PsyKlone (Toronto / Good Fellaz)
MC [lurl="/records/record_artistprofile.asp-action=artistdisplay&artistinfoid=40"]Sharkey[/lurl] (UK - Bonkerz, Nu Energy)
MC Specs (Canada - F3, Airhead, Dork Knights)
MC JD (Canada -
MC Gobstoppa (Canada - M'ass'tadon,, Sourkee)

Psychedelic Stage
(Sponsored by Eclipse)

Leon (Israel - Psynesthesia Project)
Zen (France - Ultimae, Kagdila Rec)
Quivering Virgin vs. Jebidiah (Canada - Black Light Activists)
Mantra (Canada - 2wars,, A Revolution)
Clone (Canada - Confusium)
Agent 1475 (Canada - CIA, Eclipse)
Mark Psykick (Canada - CIA )
Reptilian (Canada - Little Brothers, Geomancers)
Basilisk (Canada - Ektoplazm Records,
Subsonic Chronic (Canada - Ektoplazm Records, Hullabaloo)
Dam (Canada - Deep Sea Fish)
Seamus (Canada - CIA, Eclipse)
Patrick Brainwerx (Canada - Confusium)

Attention all DJs:
Tribe/WEMF 2003 New Talent Tent

We are happy to welcome back the TRIBE NEW IMPROVED New Talent Tent to WEMF2003. That’s right - better sound, light & decor for ‘03! If you are interested in getting an hour to showcase your talent at the largest event of its kind in North America then put together a phat demo tape, CD or DVD and send it along with WEMF2003 advance ticket proof of purchase (ie. photocopy clearly showing ticket number or Ticketmaster/ confirmation code in your name) to: TRIBE/WEMF2003 New Talent Tent, Box 65053, 358 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, Ont. M4K 3Z2. All those selected to perform in the New Talent Tent will have their advance ticket purchase REFUNDED at the gate upon entry.

We are looking for all types of electronic dance music, so whether you play tranced-out harmonic breakbeat or hardcore ambient jungle, we wanna hear it!

Selected artists will have their names posted on the official WEMF website (, the official TRIBE website ( and listed in the official event programme handed out to everyone who comes through the gates WEMF weekend.

For more details please visit

Please visit the official WEMF 03 website @ for information on:
* The WEMF2003 Leviathan Mini-Ramp Demo
* The Tribe Magazine New Talent Tent
* Parking and RV Info
* Vendors
* Travel Directions and Maps
* Flight Packages
* Mix Tapes/CD ‘s
* Media & Guestlist Info
* Special offers from our sponsors
* Important WEMF updates and much more!!!

Ticket Prices: (includes all applicable taxes)

Tickets go on Sale THURSDAY, MAY 29, 2003

3 Day Packages (Includes Camping) - Gates Open at 12 Noon on Friday, July 25/03
Early Bird: $65.00 - Before July 1/03 (While Supplies Last)
Advance: $80.00 - Before July 25/03 (While Supplies Last)
At The Gate: $95.00

2 Day Packages (Includes Camping) - Valid from 12 Noon on Saturday, July 26/03
Early Bird: $45.00 - Before July 1/03 (While Supplies Last)
Advance: $60.00 - Before July 26/03 (While Supplies Last)
At The Gate: $70.00

Sunday arrival tickets available at the gate only - check for pricing.


TripleDecks: Online @
All Ticketmaster locations in the US and Canada or by calling 416.870.8000 or online

2 The Beat 161 Spadina Ave 416.598.8120
Play De Record 657a Yonge St 416.586.0380
Release Records 527 Yonge St. 416.962.1400
Numb 250 Queen St W 416.599.5424
Hidden Jungle 3327 Lakeshore W 416.259.3429
Blackmarket Records 619 Queen St W 416.203.7401
The Pit 439 Yonge St 416.979.9415
Tripp Fairveiw Mall 416.502.3678
Vice 383 Queen St. W 416.596.0558

De Music Library 3300 Lawrence Ave E 416.431.8889

Highway Bramalea City Centre 905.799.1027

Funky Boodah 70 Main St. North 905.471.0787

Spin Records 85a Davis Dr. 905.868.9216

Alcatraz Skates 22 Stevenson St S. 905.579.4261

Breez Skate Shop 665 Park Hill Rd W 705.741.3421

Havoc 153 Brock St N. Unit 6 905.666.3997

Velocity Gerogian Mall 705.734.9353

Hustler 111 Kerr St. 905.844.1688

Dr. Disc 20 Wilson St. 905.523.1010

Tantrum Records 304 St. Pauls St. 905.984.3186

Mudshark 31 Wyndham St. 519.570.0440

Mudshark 98 King St. W 519.568.8000
Shakedown 276 King St. W 519.570.0440

From Mars 344 - Richmond St 519.438.6277
Whoolaginz White Oaks Mall 519.686.8468

Norml Cloathing 41 - William St. 613.562.2043

Willy's 178 Princess Street 613-549-3239

Acme 2003 St. Denis 514-868-9357

Platine 847 St-Jean 416.259.8174

Powerhouse Pro 3930 Harlem Rd (716) 839-3585

Skyhigh West 610 Monroe Ave 585-271-5750

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Oli G
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United States
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Posted - 2003/05/15 :  04:52:31  Show profile View artist profile  Send a private message  Visit Oli G's homepage
BT & Chris Liberator

CAM002 Out May 2003
Distribution Through Nu Energy & Imo

\o/ <o/ \o> <o> /o\ _o/ \o_

Hardcore Underground 4 - Released October 19th

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DJ Saiyan
Average Member

169 posts
Joined: Nov, 2002
Posted - 2003/05/15 :  10:26:46  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit DJ Saiyan's homepage
aw hellz yeah.

ima bring it like you aint never heard!

Get More ****ed and Get Rockin!!

You Better Run For Cover and Duck, We're Droppin Bombs Now
At The Speed of Sound

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Chef Ramen Noodle
Starting Member

United States
15 posts
Joined: Apr, 2003
Posted - 2003/05/15 :  13:14:40  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Chef Ramen Noodle's homepage

im ****in there man

that is going to be wicked

im not familiar with ontario far away do you think it is from, say, ny state?

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Don Giovanni
Senior Member

290 posts
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43 hardcore releases
Posted - 2003/05/15 :  20:51:28  Show profile  Send a private message
The hardcore stage alone is worth $65, i mean look at that talent there!!!
Not to mention all the other stages are amazing too.
Its too bad this occurs on the weekend RIGHT before my Organic Chem final. Summer courses at the University what else could be more fun :P

But yeah, this festival has a long time running status of being simply amazing! Not just the calibre of djs present but also the vibe of the festival, if you are thinking of going you should go, and if your not thinking of going, you should be!

'Together united as one indeed, WE ARE THE HARDCORE FAMILY!

Together united as one indeed,

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Advanced Member

4,346 posts
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716 hardcore releases
virus has attended 41 events
Posted - 2003/05/15 :  22:30:26  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit virus's homepage
chef ramen: The party is about a 90 min drive from Toronto.. and Toronto is about 2 hours north of Buffalo, NY

We came here tonight to get started, to cold act ill or get retarded

My Record Collection Can Beat Up Your Record Collection.

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Edited by - virus on 2003/05/16 13:34:21
New Member

United States
62 posts
Joined: Apr, 2003
E.N.D has attended 3 events
Posted - 2003/05/16 :  20:08:07  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit E.N.D's homepage
Goodfellaz tent city will be in full effect!

Come camp with the crazy kids!


enD///Go Crazy! You Know You Want to...SING IT LIKE A LADY!///GOODFELLAZ 2003


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Average Member

210 posts
Joined: Feb, 2002

153 hardcore releases
Posted - 2003/05/16 :  20:38:52  Show profile  Send a private message
back to bobcaygeon... 3rd times a charm

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Emdee Emmay
Junior Member

87 posts
Joined: May, 2003
Posted - 2003/05/17 :  05:52:47  Show profile  Send a private message
Them getting stuck throwing it in Bobcaygin two years ago is why I didn't go last year, amoung other difficulties.

Either way the wife said we can't afford to go.


What? You put it in there? That sucks.

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New Member

United States
20 posts
Joined: Dec, 2001
JAREFOX has attended 17 events
Posted - 2003/05/19 :  08:30:15  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit JAREFOX's homepage

Toronto is more like an hour from Buffalo and WEMF is kinda like 2 1/2 (with stops for gas/food) from Buffalo. Should be a good time. Now the only question remains is to RV or not to RV ?


Jare Fox

"A day without dancing was a day wasted"

"A day without dancing was a day wasted"

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Advanced Member

789 posts
Joined: Jun, 2002
weba_d has attended 1 event
Posted - 2003/05/19 :  18:23:23  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit weba_d's homepage
*looks at flyer*


*Books a flight*

Same street, Different house.

Same street, Different house.

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Starting Member

2 posts
Joined: May, 2003
Posted - 2003/05/22 :  16:14:51  Show profile  Send a private message
... *ahem* um, mister DJ silver, since uh, ur gonna be there, can u play some japanese happy hardcore, PLZ PLZ PLZ!?? for ur set, u'll see me RIGHT upfront w/ my japanese boyfriend, & other lil japanese friends... from japan... raving it up. so plz? can ya do it? whadda ya say?

im gay... no, really

im gay... no, really

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Starting Member

United States
1 post
Joined: May, 2003
Posted - 2003/05/27 :  10:14:49  Show profile  Send a private message

I live in upstate NY, and its gonna take us about 5 hours to get there. Not too bad, definitely worth the trip!!!!

See you all there :)

Originally posted by Chef Ramen Noodle:

im ****in there man

that is going to be wicked

im not familiar with ontario far away do you think it is from, say, ny state?

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Advanced Member

4,346 posts
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716 hardcore releases
virus has attended 41 events
Posted - 2003/06/01 :  21:41:20  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit virus's homepage
Omar Santana (USA - Moonshine - Topaz Records - H20H Rec - Just 2)

Will not be there.. he's booked at some party in europe on the date..

We came here tonight to get started, to cold act ill or get retarded

My Record Collection Can Beat Up Your Record Collection.

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New Member

United States
62 posts
Joined: Apr, 2003
E.N.D has attended 3 events
Posted - 2003/06/02 :  09:35:00  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit E.N.D's homepage
which sucks because he was sooooooo ****ing sick on saturday!


enD///Go Crazy! You Know You Want to...SING IT LIKE A LADY!///GOODFELLAZ 2003


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