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Release item details
   Break of Dawn [NGLPS006]
 Break of Dawn - Break of Dawn (Scott Brown remix)

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 Item Release date:   
 Item release format:  12" vinyl - single
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 Release track details
 Artist(s):  Bang!
 Track # / Name:  [A] - Break of Dawn (Scott Brown remix)
 Creation Date:  2002/08/30
 Last Updated:  2004/07/01
 Lyrics: Lay the demons down to rest
Feel the warmth of my caress
As I slowly fall to sleep
I will be there in your arms
Til the stormy water calms
I relax and feel your touch in the places that I love.
Hold me, feel me
Never let me go (don't let me go)
Show me, need me
Cos I want you to stay at least until the break of dawn
Til another day is born.
On the coldest darkest night
Are you sure we'll be alright
As we gently drift to sleep
In a secret fantasy
You are always there with me
Can I trust you with my heart?
Do you promise that we'll never part?
Touch you, kiss you
And never let you go (don't let me go)
Love you, need you
Cos I want you to stay at least until the break of dawn
Til another day is born
Will you be there?
Break of dawn
When the sun is rising high
Will you be there?

Credit: Radiokate

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