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 RIAA goes after DJ mixes

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T O P I C     R E V I E W

I know there are mixed feelings about the RIAA and related matters, and that it's not a black and white issue, but I really think that at this point they're doing a lot more harm to the music industry than good. Sorry, but music will always be more important than money to me, maybe I just don't understand the music scene, but if it's that greedy and motivated by profit, than I really don't want to get into it.

Lazerath I think they should leave well alone...... The scene will be majorly effected if they continue to stick there heads up there arses and not realise wot there doing....

It's about the music not the money. And so it should stay!!

Hardcore Forever. True And Thru. Never Let It End.
mark-ireland Im sure when the radio was invented music artists thought they wouldnt make as much money because people wouldnt go to see them preform but they do make money and illegal mp3's are the same kind of thing.
If you really like the music you will buy the proper cds.

Blue Frequency I personally wouldn't sell any mixes I did of someone elses work. But giving away limited freebies to get your name out seems alright as long as you arent mass producing them. Up and comming Djs should be worried about getting their name out, not making money. But if the producers are alright with it then it's fine by me.

{)~No room for hate in Hardcore~(}
ryg0r First of, I would say thats pretty stupid.

Well in the case of underground music.

Personally, the selling of Unliscenced mixes is wrong cos the credit goes to the wrong place, simple as.

This latest attack by the RIAA is therefore hypocritical – they claim that their pursuit of copyright infringement is primarily in the interest of the artist, yet most dance producers actually approve of and rely upon this illegal distribution.

From the article - nuff said.

silver "They have already confiscated $100,000’s worth of mix CDs from independent record stores across the US."

Technically you should not sell your mixes, they are promotion for your DJing skill and not for sale for the DJ's to make money. I think this is what the RIAA are after ... this has always been the case for selling DJ mixes.

it's all hardcore.
Underloop I'm afraid I'm with the RIAA on this one. They might be up their own arses about some things (like some of the silly radio licencing regulations - sorry, personal gripe! ) but it is totally wrong to sell mix CDs, even if it is just to recoup your costs.

Matthew aka DJ Underloop

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