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 Music discussion - hardcore
 front page - Hixxy & Sharkey on BBC Radio 1

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T O P I C     R E V I E W
DJ Superman was just reading this and was wondering if anyone knows what time the two sets are? one is the 16th and one the 17th of march. i wanna show my support, just hope it's not a crappy 4am slot

whizz-billy-the-kid's got you in his sights
silver sorry I forgot to post it, updated the news, it's 12 midnight - 2am

it's all hardcore.
KetteringGanjaKru shit hot dats wot got me in 2 hardcore a year or two bck a set on john peel it woz wkd

D. Rodwell
Exhile Now this is interesting [:d]


Find all my mixes at

SEEKY I think it's great

DJ Superman i think its cool to get a bit of coverage, wonder what'll get played........ mabye "john peel is not enough"

whizz-billy-the-kid's got you in his sights
Seany I think this is brilliant!!...Shall definetely be tuning in :)

The Future Of Hardcore!

Sounds of the Underground 1 & 2!

tklown I guess this is what Hixxy was talking about when he said there was something big coming up soon that he wasn't gonna tell anyone about, from the Slammin Vinyl NYE 2003 DVD

Simon Yeah should be intresting. Tunes need a VERY careful selection though!


"Hey, hey, mama, said the way you move
Gonna make you sweat, gonna make you groove"
Originally posted by Simon:
Yeah should be intresting. Tunes need a VERY careful selection though!


"Hey, hey, mama, said the way you move
Gonna make you sweat, gonna make you groove"

yeah hopefully it wont be too awful lol...... gud for em thou getting publicised (is that even a word?) who knows.

Spine Tingling Sensations To Leave Your Mind Numb...

Kaitei Hoe
Underloop Yep, tis great news! John Peel may not have been enough, but a campaign set up by Jon Doe certainly seemed to do the trick!

Matthew aka DJ Underloop
silver Updated the date, I had put in the wrong date for the day, it's on the Thursday 18th not the 17th, with Hixxy on the 17th with John Peel.

it's all hardcore.
B.C sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!

"Belong To The Hardcore Regime! Wake Up From Your Synthetic Dreams!....WE Are Your Future!!!"
jamant I think it would be good to get hardcore on radio one on a weekly slot, and I will not miss this.

dopey helll yazzzzzz cant wate for the mix go seeky muhahahahahaha!!!!!

Kyle_Buffrey I will definitely listen to this, I have doubts about the slot though because it's too late for a thursday (people have work in the morning!) so i doubt most people will listen. But my first two lessons on fridays are free, so I can stay in bed in the morning!

raverdave how good is this! this is major, very interesting times ahead me thinks. Every single person in the country can listen to this if they want to, its like getting a tv show on terestrial, its massive!!!

I for one cannot wait, sod work, go in tired that what i'm gonna do, personally I think its a pretty decent slot and who knows if the hardcore massive get behind it then it might get moved.

Hardcore has a show on national radio F**K the slot time!

Congratulations to everybody involved in getting it off the ground, to jon doe for his campaign and everybody who signed up. You Are All Stars!

Everybody get behind this, listen and contribute, txt in, e-mail etc. show the BBC what this means to us.

"Can I Use My Strong Hand!?!"

HaRdCoRe HuStLeR!!! HaRdCoRe HuStLeR!!!
Hard2Get This is very good news indeed, and i really look forward to tuning in :) Staying up to 2am will be no problem whatsoever for me :)

Animal wicked but maybe i should think about updating my signature afterwards!

like a secret religion, always there but hidden
mrc If this go's smoothly it could be very good news for our music. Its up2 us to make sure as many people listen and send comments.

I hope the most gets made of this opportunity.

oh s*it man, what was i saying?
ryg0r Wow, this is friken sick!

Huge news!

Talk about big. Good luck to them. I hope it doesn't stay as a one off. I'm sure that it will be huge!

DJ Mole This is ****ing great news but we need to make sure this happens on a weekly basis, thats what we all need a weekly dose oh Hixxy & Sharkey & The rest of the crew


Iain Craig
itchy does it mean that hixxys gonna be on peel and then right onto his own show str8 after coz if peel is on the 17th from 10-12 then technically after 12 midnight is the 18th

DJ Phoenix yeah... what itchy said! unless it's Hixxy & John Peel from 12-2 (17th night -18th morn) and Hixxy & Sharkey is 12-2 (18th night - 19th morn)

anyway... great news! Might be a little hard to stay up until 2 tho... I have to get up at 7 to go to school and bcoz i get up at 7 i can't atay up as long as if i get up at 11 like on the weekends! lol!

Shake it Bop it Bounce it Flip it,
crazy_raver11687 wickid shit im so not gonna miss dat i love hixxy hes so talented and would love to hear more from him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope he stays in da buisness
4ever lol

jUsT cLoSe Ur EyEs AnD lEt uR mInD bE fReE rEaCh OuT FoR uR fUtUrE fOr Ur DeStInY !!!!!

Im Da UlTiMaTe RaVeR bAbY !!!!!!!!!!!
Lixx Oh man this news rocks! But judging from the response I've seen I just hope they're gonna have enough bandwidth for all of us!

silver Maybe we can simulcast it on, we have unlimited connections.

it's all hardcore.
DJ Superman Quosh just sent out an e-mail with this link

everybody follow the link, sign up and show you're support! this is important, we've got to let them know that we're out here if radio one are going to make this anything more than just a one off.

whizz-billy-the-kid's got you in his sights
Originally posted by silver:
Maybe we can simulcast it on, we have unlimited connections.

it's all hardcore.

Would be good if you can get permission off the Beeb

Matthew aka DJ Underloop
DJ Superman would that mean that happyhardcore radio became radio one for those two hours? so I could listen to it through this site? not too hot on my technical knowledge but if so then that'd be great!

whizz-billy-the-kid's got you in his sights
DOBBOO Great news, this is ment to be the year club and dance comes in which still isnt really excepted so why no try and faise harcore in who knows this could really get hardcore noticed

mjd cool man this is history in the making this is definitly getin recorded.
cant wait im gonna listen to it all as well sac college off this is too big!!!!!!

Live Forever
m_j a plea to anyone out there with a mini-disc recorder.

i cant get radio 1 in ireland and my college doesnt be open at that hour of the night so i have no way of hearing the show. if you e-mail me your address ill post you out a few mini-discs plus stamps and envelopes because i really want to hear the show but have no way of hearing it.

rhythm is your liberation!
mjd apparantly the show is saved on the radio1 website sumhow, so u can listen to it for 7 days after it has been aired

Live Forever
m_j just realised that i cant listen to it at all in college cos the computers will only play windows media player files and you cant download any other media players so im sorta ****ed.


rhythm is your liberation!
DJ-JA sorry to ruin the flow but im still confused about when the two sets are, so could someone spell it out for me with which station and times please.

DOBBOO Big night tonight for hixxy then!!!!!!

cant wait gonna have to try and get this recorded on mp3 sumhow!

anyone kno the tracks selection yet???

LostThePlot Details written on hand! Can't miss this, can't wait!

DJ Phoenix aww man... i haven't got any blank tapes to copy the show onto!!!

'Coz we're all Ordinary People with a love for the music
With a love for the scene, and everything that it brings!
LostThePlot yea it's on. glad got some floorstanders :)

DJ Mole Does anybody know the tracklisting for this amazing show!!

Iain Craig
DJ Superman I'm listening in now, it's wicked to know everyone in the country has access to this hardcore history in the making!

I'm sure copies of this will legally be available on the BBC website soon.

scott brown is not enough! hahaha, i love it

whizz-billy-the-kid's got you in his sights
djmyers Im recording it onto minidisc right now!!! Super show. Very suprised that Dougal got mixed up about 'Takin' me Higher' thow. Just Styles without Breezey!

Its quality. Scott Brown's mix from Bonkers 12 (or a cut of it anyway) is on now!! NIIICCCEEE!!!!!

Radio 1, bout time!!

Catch a listen to my Hardcore mixes
Here on Radio
djmyers Oh yeah, sorry to spam a bit but check this out All the info you'll need for now and the future of Hardcore Til I Die at Air in Birmingham!

Quality geezas!!!

Catch a listen to my Hardcore mixes
Here on Radio
DJ Superman I couldn't access it on-line 'cos of my crappy university connection am listening to it on my alarm clock cos I haven't got anything else with a radio! haha, if anyone knows where this will be available later on legally then post, I'm sure there's a lot of people who'd like to hear it more than once!

whizz-billy-the-kid's got you in his sights
LostThePlot yea i would evn though getting a good sound now. so glad brought my separates and speakers to uni. it was a job but worth it! probably have some **** moaning soon though!

DJ Mole what old skool tracks do u rekin they'l play i hope Force & Styles - Fireworks

Iain Craig
DOBBOO this is gold need this on a disc.

djmyers Iv got it on minidisc as im speaking! Laffin

Catch a listen to my Hardcore mixes
Here on Radio
Kyle_Buffrey Last night's show was brilliant, I didn't go out drinking up town as per usual on a thursday night, I stayed in bed with my headphones on, listening to the show from beginning to end!
The show has a very nice little format of 3 track guest mixes, The Sy and Unknown mix finished things nicely.

capone13 Really enjoyed the show myself cause it was good having a bit of variation with all the DJ's playing different styles of Hardcore.

DJ J-me

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