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T O P I C     R E V I E W
DJ Superman anyone got any particular favorites from this list of beauties just out from NG/BB?

(if you've got no idea what im on about go see the news page!)

i'm really feeling "crazy love/sounds legit"

whizz-billy-the-kid's got you in his sights
DJ Phoenix Deffo Crazy Love / Sounds Legit... I like Huggermugger though

Like a SHOOOOTING STAR, Across the Midnight Sky,
Gonna Fly... Just to be with you Tonight...
Dave Murray Its alllllllllllllllll about Friskfer & Hujibfer - Partycrasher

#This is the way we crash the party#


We Will Show You The Way
raverdave yep that party crasher is tuneage.

"Can I Use My Strong Hand!?!"

HaRdCoRe HuStLeR!!! HaRdCoRe HuStLeR!!!
capone13 U know the "Crash The Party" sample. It was taken from another quality tune that i've got on cd and vinyl.

Da Tekno Warriors-Crash The Party (Paul Elstak & Neophyte)

Here's a short preview for ya. It's slow compared to Hardcore but never mind.

But anyways i'm looking 4ward to the new Hardcore release and should be getting a copy!

DJ J-me
No Left Turn DJ D also used the "this is the way we crash the party" sample recently in another gabba tune called "Loose Control".

-Donny / No Left Turn
StrifeII without a doubt, crazy love - such a tune, got it on now :)

This post bought to you by Blasphemy

"Even though i've come to far, i know i've got so far to go"
fearlessdrop anyone else notice that the sounds legit is exactly the same as the hardhouse on stimulant ...played at 45... better to get the hh get a remix too

We are the music maker,
We are the dreamers of dreams,
We are the ones who turn fantasy in to reality.
When ever the beat comes into the fullest just close your eyes and let yourself go
Denile sounds legit and hugger mugger. both quality tunes! another one that im feelin atm is partycrasher.

Digital Anarchy

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