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T O P I C     R E V I E W
d.j.t.c Hi
Here is the first release on VINYL UNITED RECORDS due for release soon let us no what you think thanks T.C

(A) love in motion -T.C

(B) so much more - T.C & DELIGHT

vinyl united records
sunday12-2 eruption101.3fm
djsytronik Some nice tunes there mate. I really like the begining of the track of love in motion. So much more is also a great track, in which I like the vocals in it. I think I will purchase that when it comes. Any release date?

DJ Sytronik

Drum And Bass N Hardcore In Da Place
milo absolute choons =)

Denile great tracks mate. potential anthems??


Digital Anarchy
d.j.t.c Nice 1 thanks for ur support hhc

vinyl united records
sunday12-2 eruption101.3fm
DJ SCOTT DEVOTION TC as you no i been playing these out alot in the last 2 months and they go down so well.

two massive tracks.
scott devotion

Mr Rush+DJ Scott Devotion feat Mc Rizladizla
Monday night madness-10pm-2am Renegade fm 107.4
Forthcoming tunes scott devotion & mr rush "hold me" and "adrenalin" and "I feel"
5-hydroxytryptamine Already on the shopping list ;)

~~ DJ Serotonin live every Saturday from 1pm on ~~
DjTriatomic i might just have to buy this, once i get the rest of my list completed

The Deviant These are both cracking tunes. Love in Motion is my fave, and as someone allready said, the intro is great, real solid. And I also like the vocals on So Much More.
Hope the release go's well for ya.

d.j.t.c bump

vinyl united records
sunday12-2 eruption101.3fm
capone13 Some tunage there mate, quality stuff!

DJ J-me
d.j.t.c thanks m8

vinyl united records
sunday12-2 eruption101.3fm
d.j.t.c These tracks will be avalible very soon now

vinyl united records
sunday12-2 eruption101.3fm
djsytronik Yesssss!!

Cant wait to spin this one!

DJ Sytronik

Drum And Bass N Hardcore In Da Place
milo you better get ready to do two runs of this one man, great tracks

d.j.t.c Thanks for all your support much appreciated ;)

vinyl united records
sunday12-2 eruption101.3fm
DarrenJ love in motion is a awsome choon

sped up trance, doesnt want to make me dance
give me some real hardcore, and its like ants in my pants

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