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 Liberation 8 - Generation

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T O P I C     R E V I E W
Jords Event name: Liberation 8 - Generation
Starts: 2004/10/16
Country: Australia
State/Territory: New South Wales

In order of the 8th edition celebrations, we've designed a concept based on the 'foundation' of 'Liberation'... Each hour thru out the night will play host to a different theme, with a different dj and different performance act, representing each stage... Enjoy

The 8 stages of Liberation:

Creation >> Liberation Dancers
Elevation >> Fire Juggling Acrobats
Glamourisation >> Techno Ballet
Foundation >> Laser Dance
Generation >> Mime Artist Celebration
Celebration >> Circus Station
Sensation >> Seductive Sensation Stage Show
Liberation:nation >> Liberation Angel

The past:

Liberation 1: Lion’s Indoor Sports Centre Feb 2001
Liberation 2: Sydney Masonic Centre Mar 2002
Liberation 3: The Lady Wakehurst Oct 2002
Liberation 4: Lion’s Indoor Sports Centre Apr 2003
Liberation 5: Paradise Golf Entertainment Complex Oct 2003
Liberation 6: (the old) Dancer’s Cabaret Kings X Dec 2003
Liberation 7: Sydney Dolina Function House Mar 2004

The Present:
Liberation 8 DJ's:

Special international guest: DJ Silver ( / MasterWax Records / Infinity Recordings)

10pm: Shadower vs Phase One >> freeform
11pm: Jim Jams vs Haze >> uplifting trance
12am: Leo vs Dexi >> hard house / trance
1am: Aladdin vs Suae >> hard dance / nu nrg
2am: Paul Holden vs Fenix >> 94–04 happy hardcore
3am: Team Rocket >> US hardcore
4am: Matrix vs Flipside >> hard trance / hard style
5am: Tom-e vs Midian >> morning anthems
MC Obi + MC Destiny

10pm: Technical Twins >> hard nrg
11pm: Mixxy vs Ty >> happyhard anthems
12am: Antix vs Refresh >> gabba
1am: Oky vs Exile >> hardcore
2am: E-Mass vs Emo >> techno / hard stlye
3am: Cypha vs Travis Tee >> UK breakbeat / happyhard
4am: Kaz vs Buggin >> italian house / club classics
5am: Close
MC Rek + MC Vee

Liberation 8 [Liberation:nation]
Saturday 16th October 2004

Tickets from usual outlets.
silver Last minute suprise... I'm playing this event :)

Will let you know the time when I get it in the next few days.

See you all there!

it's all hardcore.
gobbo23 dam. a real shame my HSC starts the next day

pacman come on mate gobbo mate get your priorities right

If Yoda so Smart in Force Is, Why Words in Right Order he Put Not?
DarrenJ Paul Holden playing happy hardcore? lol

Sounds good too
and DJ SILVER! wow

majik majik ninja's whut
Originally posted by DarrenJ:
Paul Holden playing happy hardcore? lol

what's weird about that? i've heard paul holden playing happyhard many times and i've only been raing 4 years....

If Yoda so Smart in Force Is, Why Words in Right Order he Put Not?
DarrenJ just didnt expect it

majik majik ninja's whut
pacman well it should be a nice oldskool set.... b2b with fenix and the mime show!!

If Yoda so Smart in Force Is, Why Words in Right Order he Put Not?
silver Righto I will be playing 6am - 7am! Totally rocking!

Just me not B2B with anyone else ... The Liberation crew will be making an announcement soon about it... They said it would be wicked to put an international at that time because it had never been done.

Sounds good to me... see you all there!!!

it's all hardcore.
ryg0r I so can't wait for this. Its gonna be friggen mad.

Originally posted by silver:
They said it would be wicked to put an international at that time because it had never been done.

Yup, especially considering you're an unannounced guest for the event. It makes it an excellent end of the night treat.

ryg0r I'm pretty excited, I must say. A lot is going to happen at this rave. Besides me going of course cos that a rarity.

But Silver comes back to Oz. More lamingtons! More BBQ chicken pizza.

Hopefully, you'll not be so tired.

silver Gonna be massive people... see you all there... try and spot the guy that looks like my avatar :)

ryg0r: Press that you are attending this event you lazy bum :)

it's all hardcore.
mr_loki omg... i really wanna go to this one... sounds like a nice warmup in prep to godspeed subzero! =D

only thing is - i need to know where it is so i can get my ex to drive my sorry arse down there! haha anyone got any idea as to where it is?

be great to see silver play in person for once - instead of on a net radio stream!!

silver I have been told it is 10-15 mins from the city center

it's all hardcore.
ryg0r ^^^ that literaly could be anywhere.

6am?? Damn, I mean, I'll still be there but sux0rs that is soo late. Hopefully some other dj is sick and you'll have to take thier spot....


Stolen from echild.

Dj Suae, The Acolyte, Dj Silver.

silver Damn fine party... pity the roof collapsed three times :)

it's all hardcore.
silver Damn how come I don't remember taking that photo at all!?

it's all hardcore.
ryg0r Really?

I remember it, this random guy came up and said "may i?" and I grabbed you and jason...

silver nope... oh well... Too much of that green drink I was drinking.

it's all hardcore.
ryg0r hehehe, the bacardi breezer? Thats a girls drink


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