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 Music discussion - hardcore
 Happy Birthday (5 years!!!)

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T O P I C     R E V I E W
Simon WOW! I can't believe you've been doing this for 5 years now Silver! I know I've certainly more than enjoyed the time I've spent here, and enjoying the features such as the awsome radio!
I've seen the site gorw a lot over my short time here.

Through hard work, and lots of money you've managed to create an incrediable site that is well respected by both visitors and users (well most anyway! ).

Well Done Silver.


Let's hope it shall have many many more!


"So understand,
Don't waste your time always searching for those wasted years,
Face up...Make your stand,
And realise your living in the golden years!"
virus Agreed.. Big ups to silver for spending countless hours/days/years on this site :) It's appreciated by all.

My Record Collection Can Beat Up Your Record Collection.
whispering Yea happy 5th birthday for Have been coming here for the past 2 years, best site there is. Really appreciate all the hard work Silver has done.

Firefly "Still Flying"
Seany What these guy's and gal's have said.

DJ Superman yeah, loads of respect to silver and everyone who's put together this wicked site over the years


whizz-billy-the-kid's got you in his sights
force9da Happy 5th Birthday

The last 5 Years would of been pretty boring without ya!!

Heres to the Next 5!

Well done to Silver and Co for helping keep the scene alive and kicking.

djDMS I'll agree with all of that.

Massive respect to all involved.


Arguably one of the best
tunnelrush Heres to you Silver. More and more years are definitely to come. Especially since were #38 now on the Music Charts! unbelievable that there are around 10,000 plus stations and were #38. Much Props to all involved.

<*>WHAT?! Im sorry, I can't hear you cuz my Hardcore's too loud, ur gonna have to shut up!"<*>
milo huge props to silver for putting all the energy and dedication he has into this site and it's many features and a huge thank you for all that it has done!

Sakkara Respect.


Get your dancin' shoes on! You know the words....follow me motherf*cker!!!
Brian K *sniff* and I remember checking this site when it was just a measly porn site *sniff*

I promised myself I wouldn't cry

congrats Silver!

"we'll delete the weak"
bLOODY_dAN Hardcore Silver......hardcore......

I would like to say, ive enjoyed the time spent here. ive found tons of sweet new music and have be introduced to so much more then just that. Thanks a load, and i also think its amazing that one person started this whole thing! And now thousands of people everywhere are enjoying it! How Tight is tha?!?!?!?!

props and what not to all the peeps runnin the show here...

"No when Louise gets mad, she starts saying things like,"I told ya so" and "Stop doin that im asleep"
Menion Yep! Happy 5th Birthday!

What about a screenshot from the old days silver?
I remember when this site was white and said in green (atleast I think it was green).

silver BEFORE I owned it. This is around 1998 - the first version around March 2000... I could not get an actual first shot but this was about 6 months into running. feb 2001, the design you see now goes into place. Forum launches about 1 month after this screen shot. The logo is screwed up on this one but you know what it looks like. feb 2002, the news system is in place. Again the logo is screwed up on this one but you know what it looks like. There is an early version without any banners but I could not get a screen shot.

it's all hardcore.
BAD_WES Good old

Is it the best track on the album?
Excessive Happy Birthday and respect to Silver for all his hard work

One by one the penquins slowly steal my sanity...........
Chris B Once again thanks a lot silver.

Venga familia!!!
bulby_g Happy birthday (my most visited site on the web by far) thank you silver.

ryg0r Silver. I've said it once, and I'll say it again - You are a champ.

My hardcore career (if you could call it a career) has been because of you. I wouldn't have any tracks on any CD's or helped start a record label.

You sir, are a champion.

I can't wait tell we get more lamingtons.

Underloop much respect Silver, you've brought together ravers from all over the world and given us all hours of entertainment. Thanks.

So wheres the jelly n ice cream then?

Matthew aka DJ Underloop
Stony McTony cheers silver ure a legend even tho i aint been here all that long its been a real pleasurable sale, happy birthday cheers to evry1 whoes made me welcome and heres to many happy returns!!!!

P.s ever thought of bringin a little porn back into the site

Theres nothing wrong with the boat those big holes help keep our feet cool.
Stony McTony ^^^sorry i meant stay not sale, trust me im very very tired!

Theres nothing wrong with the boat those big holes help keep our feet cool.
mark-ireland Fair play silver. Happy birthday

We will not compromise quality for popularity amongst the minority.
Forsaken i've got just one thing to say... thx to you for givin us HARDCORE PLEASURE !!! keep on baby

hyperdance yea nice 1 silver. happi birfday.

its funny because its true!!
NeoPhyte101 Respect 2 silver great site enjoy it alot

Drugs are bad mkay.... mkay...!!!
Charco Can't believe it's been 5 years already!!
It's been a pleasure bein part of this site through all the changes...
Hope things continue to get better for you silver...massive respect deserved captain!!! WELL DONE!!!

- -
Human beings, vegetables, or comic dust, we all dance to a mysterious tune, intoned in the distance by an invisible player.

Who discovered we could get milk from cows, and what did he THINK he was doing at the time?
capone13 Happy Birthday to

DJ J-me
djpeggy Happy hardcore birthday to and much respect to Silver!

DJ Peggy

CorDharel Yey you rock silver!

I love Happy Hardcore! But lots of people don't understand it... I feel sorry for them that they miss best music genre in da world.
Weird Fish Congrats, awesome job done. Keep it up

¿Who da hell is this?
::::: weird fish ::::: (aka raving loonatic)

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