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 Music discussion - hardcore
 Shooting Star Q for nick

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T O P I C     R E V I E W
Phayze ok.. this could be posted in the thread about the lyrics, but it's sorta drifting off that subject.

ok, the full mix of Shooting Star (with all the lyrics u posted in the other thread) is that only the 'pop' version u can find on your site? or can you find faster versions of it? And if it's possible.. if they're on mp3 can ya give me a way to get em plz?


DJ Tempest the brisk remix has the full vocals

"I stayed up all night playing poker with tarot cards. I got a full house and four people died."
-Steven Wright

Nick (Bang!) Not sure Next Gen would be too pleased with me pointing you to MP3's of their remixes.....

With regards to the mixes the publishers site, there are lots of mixes of "Shooting Star" about and DJ Tempest may be correct in saying that Brisks mix uses all the lyrics, but unless you want a country and western version or a ballad version then as far as I know the pop version is the fastest one.

Sorry bud......


silver Phayze, don't be a dimwit and ask for MP3's, please read the posting rules on the top page.
DJ Tempest i have all the mixes of shooting star, and im quite positive that the brisk remix was the only one that had the added bridge vox. but damn...yeah...DUH...dont people read anymore??? i swear...every day or two someone else is asking about mp3's. the next person who does, im gonna smack

"I stayed up all night playing poker with tarot cards. I got a full house and four people died."
-Steven Wright

silver Yeah MP3's are cool and handy and small, hey I use them on this site, but don't MP3 happy hardcore, buy it, as there is a small community called happy hardcore and it really is not that big, MP3's really kill off HHC producers.

MP3 crap like Back Street Boys and Britney Spears... they are all shit anyway :)
Sander I agree with you silver for not putting links and stuff. But most songs are impossible to buy! They are only pressed at vinyl and maybe limited too.

If I maybe produce some tunes in the future then I don't mind if people are downloading the song in mp3. You make music because you love it, not to earn big cash with it

Hardcore, when people want more
sunrize This is true... most hardcore cds you find are really bought because they are mixed... not just individual tracks. But what it comes down to is that it is illegal to distribute others music without their permission. Many artist do give out their mp3's and thats cool. You can find a nice chunk of free mp3's of myself and other hardcore/trancecore artists at -- all of which were contributed by the artist and have given us permission to make them available to the masses. :) cheers!


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