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T O P I C     R E V I E W
d.j.t.c Hi Everyone,

Its time for the new All-4-1 releases to finally touch down! Its been a while since the last few, but here we are with a batch of the most exciting releases ever to reach the ears of mankind! Okay, that might be overhyping a little bit. Butt only a little bit )

To kick us off, we have the new Lucky Breaks release, with the startling CLSM Chavbots from Outta Space remix of The New Zealand Story. The original was superb, but this remix steps it up a notch or two!
This remix is complimented by Milo's "Pull It" track, offering something a little different, and finally Ponders "Kaliedoscope", which sounds like nothing I have heard in a while - wicked bizness and tings!


Whojamaflip jumps in with a new 12", offering a new mix and a repress of the Mad Cow classic "My immortal" by Bit on the Side. The original sold out and was never repressed, so those that missed it can finally get it...and Luna-C has been on the remix tip with this release, giving you a very different alternative version of this bad boy choon!


Also, Whojamaflip are releasing the first of a series of CD's. Jama Jamz 1 is the first and will be available at the same time as the rest of the new All-4-1 releases. 9 tracks, all unmixed, featuring new stuff and some of the back catalogue from Whojamaflip and Mad Cow! And as a special bonus, if you buy it in the first week, its available for only £2.99! Here's the tracklisting:-


1) DJ TC - Chasing Skies
2) Ponder - Worlwide (Powerbrock mix)
3) ponder - worldwide (cube::hard remix)
4) Topcat & Defnoyz - i am free
5) DJ TC walking on the moon (original mix)
6) DJ TC walking on the moon (Luna - C remix)
7) Ponder - Virus
DJ TC & Nex Level - Neverland (the ashes mix)
9) Topcat & Bit On the Side - 1 Ting (bonus track)

KFA have taken a step back to their roots with the 2 new releases. KFA32 is Luna-C's latest offering, 3 piano tracks in an old skool style! There's really nothing to add - if you like piano's, you're gonna like this. If not, then not! Check it:-



And the 5th installment of the much loved True Skool EP series makes KFA33 a must have release. What with a new Alk-e-d track in cheerful old skool jungle style, the odd Luna-C & Bexxie track "Mindrider" which featured in Supaset 3 and the Audio Outlaws CD, as well as a new Idealz, modestly named "Anthem" and the frankly bizarre Radiophonic Oddity track "She's So Fine"....



As well as this, KFA are now releasing a CD with each new batch of vinyl releases. The CD also contains hidden tracks, bonus material, all of KFA32 and 33 in unmixed format as well as a few unreleased tunes. And, Luna-C has added all the samples, Cubase and Reason files and midi files for his track "Back Two, Basics" so you can play with it yourself, lol...have a look! KFACD014

Lastly, we have 2 new represses from Kniteforce! Luna-C project 1, and a couple of Force and the Evolution tunes! Check em out:-

More info to follow soon!!!
clarke101 Good stuff as usual

The Idealz track is a remix of KFA 13 Exec ed which some of us have on 7" the original is also avaliable on the create you own cd thingy.

I may pick up 1 or 2

8 Good stuff. I'll defo be buying those.
Nice release too Milo!
Brian K hooray for more true skool
Originally posted by Brian K:
hooray for more true skool

It all about KFA32

Oh and the Idealz stuff on the CD
FriedRice the NZ story is heaps good!!Be putting that in my trolley 4 sure
milo yaaaaay, wicked stuff =) and thanks 8!
Originally posted by milo:
yaaaaay, wicked stuff =) and thanks 8!

Congrats on the release m8 ;)
d.j.t.c Release`s should be avalible in 2 weeks !!!!
Mortis Aye, well done Milo. Good to see your tracks getting out on plastic, hopefully Virus is next hey :)
Originally posted by FriedRice:
the NZ story is heaps good!!Be putting that in my trolley 4 sure

Indeed ;)

d.j.t.c release`s avalible now !!!
clarke101 ^^^ Tony the word your looking for is BUMP
Brian K haha
Originally posted by clarke101:
^^^ Tony the word your looking for is BUMP

haha thats the word ;) BUMP

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