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 Scott Brown - I Would Stay

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T O P I C     R E V I E W
Cotts Hey Guys / Girls,

Just interested what you guys think about the commerical release of this track?

I personally prefer the hardcore remix and still think its a classic (ahh college days)

But I think that the commercial remix would have the potential to do quite well, I mean it has a decent (for once) commercial sound and is a pretty decent commercial cover (considering I hate most commercial remix's).

What do you guys think?
djDMS I thought it was a great tune when first released.

It's been over 2 years since it was out on promo, wonder why they've decided to put it out now?
Da Cunney Bugz STILL! dont understand why they dont release hardcore versions so much better, the video is shite aswell, at least its nice to see scotland's finest makin the effort...
Jax one of the first ever vinyls i bought was scot brown - i would stay! i think the hardcore remix is the best of the lot, though there is a couple of ok remixes too, CJ Stone springs to mind for being one of the good ones
whittle1 I love the original and all the remixes, including this one.
yaddam205 They mad scott look like he's in his late 20's in that clip lol
phewcharyztik The video was made in 2003!!
The two records he's mixing is the same record but different sides, one side is Turn Up The Music (Styles & Breeze Remix) - which is the hardcore version of I Would Stay, and the other side to the record that he's playing on the other deck is Ghosts.
robertybob AATW are just uploading all their previous signings' videos (released and unreleased).... "I Would Stay" ISN'T being released, so get your facts straight first lol

Who says it IS being released?
Dj Esi looks alright prefer the hardcore version though :P
Sk8SiM can someone post me more info on this?

I havn't seen the video !!!!!
Originally posted by Sk8SiM:
can someone post me more info on this?

I havn't seen the video !!!!!

front page news? like from a while ago...
Dj Esi
Originally posted by Sk8SiM:
can someone post me more info on this?

I havn't seen the video !!!!!

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