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 Music discussion - hardcore
 Hardcore Heaven/ Slammin Vinyl

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T O P I C     R E V I E W
Smoogie Who will be getting it? After the last few I will be making a purchase, good verity on Hardcore Heaven.

Your thoughts?
bent_bananna Do we know whos mixing it this time? I gotta admit I really wasn't keen on the Joey Riot CD. Found it realy boring and unoriginal. They should keep Kev En and Scott Brown tho
bulby_g Wasn't really very impressed by JR or SB's disks on the last one... I'm sure I'll get it for Kev energy's disk anyway.
DiGiC Cant wait for it :D I loved the Kev Energy disc from the last one and the Joey Riot & Scott Brown discs had quite a few good tracks on them IMO Lets hope it doesn't go all comercial bollox on us like some other compalations have :s
bent_bananna I agree with you about the SB CD too. Some good tracks but a lot of it was boring as ****. Would still like to see him on the next one though.
djDMS All i'll be considering will be the tracklist.

Wouldn't matter if my granny was mixing it as long as it interests me
wong i hope brisk dus a mix, then at least i know one cd will be worth lisnin to
HARRIBO i have heard of another mos alb:)
tru bass kev energy's last cd was immence so if he is on the next one il be getting it..
RAVER7 its all about the kev energy cd definatly worth bying and blowing a speaker or two.
Originally posted by RAVER7:
its all about the kev energy cd definatly worth bying and blowing a speaker or two.

Or you could buy it and play it on some speakers that aren't crap ;)
The Doc reading the front page it looks months away!
warped_candykid I would like Joey Riot to carry over to vol.5, I can do without Scott Brown. Kevin Energy can stay, he has been on there since the beginning. But there seems to be quite a bit more producers now, so it's all up in the air i guess.
von-X Can't wait for the Kev Energy mix! It's one of the ways uk hardcore/freeform should evolve what he does!
olliesteward04 I'd like to see a sy mix again. i think all his hardcore heaven mixes on 1-3 were excellent. i would be disappointed if the playlist doesnt include really new material. the last few compilation albums released have been dull.

scott brown, sy&unknown, next gen. and other artists have all had loads of new songs made, lets hear 'em ! ! !
bent_bananna I think next gen n quosh will be doin another hardcore euphoria which id much prefer them to do anyway.

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