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 Music discussion - hardcore
 Shannon Hurley - Sunrise (Audio X Remix) FREE!!!!!

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T O P I C     R E V I E W
Audio X Hey people!

Some of you may have heard of Shannon Hurley. She is a fast-rising pop artist from the US who was recently voted in the top 25 new artists on MySpace by Rolling Stone Magazine. She has called for artists the world over to remix her album (the link can be found on her MySpace page,, so I had a crack at it and here is the result! Originally I had intended to license this from her and submit it to Hardcore Underground 3, but when the contracting and red tape came around she instead opted to release the track under a Creative Commons Attribution, Noncommercial license, so that you the listeners, get to have this gem of a tune absolutely free!

Here is a link to the full, mastered wav. You can play it out, put it on your favorite file-sharing network, chop it up and edit it, sample it, eat it, drink it, verbally abuse it, or whatever your heart desires, as long as you don't make any money off of it.
(as per )

It is limited to 200 downloads, so hurry and snatch it! I will try to reupload it when it expires.

Edit: Reuploaded!
DJ-Intensity On the D/L now.
Meph751 Nice remix, she's got a great voice as well. Thanks for the track
DJ-Intensity Awesome tune vocals get 10/10 :D
FingazMc Great track, nice old skool feel and never heard of the girl before but great vocals!!
Audio X Cheers people! Anyone else?
protonic Thanks man! I love it nice remix
Future_Shock ive loved this since you first showed it to me man and ive gotta say ive been well impressed.

This is actually officially the first breaks track i liked.

as yourself said man - "see not all breaks are bad"

hahahahaha too true. Keep it up man.
Audio X bump!
bulby_g Is wicked mate. Cheers. :)
Meph751 listened to this a few more times, this is seriously very very good. amazing job.
Leto You already know what I think! Cheers for the WAV! :D
Torpex Absolutely beautiful. Addictive as hell. Thanks!

Any chance for a kickdrum remix? ;)

Audio X
Absolutely beautiful. Addictive as hell. Thanks!

Any chance for a kickdrum remix? ;)

Thanks Torpex! Unfortunately probably not. This version alone has been the source of much ire, so doing another version would only further serve to vex me.
Torpex Shame mate, real shame... Props for trying a fresh angle though. I've been caining Drug Abuse for some time now, waiting for your next bits. :)
impish This is a classic example of how it feel if music could make love with your ears. Awesome stuff mate!

I downloaded this just thinking "yay free tune!" but once i had it in my headphones mixing away, it hit how wonderfully made track it it

Many thanks!
Proxy got it on the download now, cheers!
djbood a love it mate, thanks! keep em cumin!
Miikkii downloading now :) should be great. never herd of her before but im really looking forward to the track!!! thanks to you and shannon for making this a free track :)
Fluffbomb Gonna download this later. Sounds like it'll be as good as your previous Hardcore Breaks tunes!
impish I bpught her album after hearing this.... came though yesterday from the states (currently only one shop sells it).

Its really good! Thanks for pointing me in her direction
CDJay Really, really, good!

Props :)

Audio X Quite a response to this! Cheers folks. 8)
Audio X Link expired. Reuploaded!
impish ..Also featured in cheese files 24

*shamless plug*
mj-dream absolutely love it i really do

hats off to ya
Ph33rViper nice track :)
Audio X Plenty of downloads left! Tell your friends!
choonland thats excelence! very good job!

altough, I must say there were parts where I would liked more a 4/4 kick, instead of breaks.
that synth with a nice kick and a loud bass, THAT would kick my ass out of this planet!

anyways, the track is awesome, congrats!
HARRIBO has this expired again?
Audio X Nope! Should have 177 downloads left, according to tracking data. :)

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