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 DJ Blue-"Another Night"

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T O P I C     R E V I E W
warped_candykid Does this sound out of beat to yall?
Meph751 wow that's freaking awful
Vitalism it's been butchered.

agh!! my ears hurt!!

turn it off.
warped_candykid If this "DJ Blue" person would have lined the vocals up right, it wouldn't be such a bad remix.
Vitalism could have been.

seems like a really dumb mistake to make, i wonder if he maybe uploaded the wrong copy as the final one?
bulby_g Wow. That's pretty bad to put something out on sale like that. :-/
Mortis That's ****ing awful.
DJ-Intensity One way to sum it up dissapointing choon.
redwingz :/
Dain-Ja that guy is a ****ing idiot

1) he posted it on for feedback
2) everyone told him it was out of time and HORRIBLE
3) he posted it on IMO
BiG-EL How can he even think about charging for it?!?! lol Damn that tune hurts
Shades has dj blue not got a track signed to NSR??


Yep looks like it
redwingz He has got a track signed with us yes.

Thankfully the track that I signed from him didnt have any vocals so they couldnt be out of time.

Unfortunately for him, no other material that he has sent us (about 4/5 tracks) have been anywhere near as good as the track we signed from him, hence 'To the world' is his only NSR release and at the moment it looks like it will stay that way.

He has since started his own record label 'Hardcore Legacy' on which he has released all the material that I deemed not good enough for NSR

I dont want to be slagging anyone off, but i must admit that DJ Blue's professionalism is not anywhere near as high as any of our other artists, mainly due to those 3 reasons given above.
dj_deano This shit pretty much sums up the quality of stuff on imo. The kid is a total beut, asked for constructive criticism, got some, then runs his mouth off. Total clown. Thats what Hardcore is these days, full of ****in mongs.
Triquatra interesting...the track has now been removed...

if that was his only song that was any good, and the production wasnt even up to half as good on the others he sent you - that would make me question the song that he sent you in the first place...

i just heard.."to the world"... *cough*
Originally posted by DjTriquatra:
interesting...the track has now been removed...

Dammit only just spotted this thread and i want to hear how bad it is!!!

Triquatra maybe someone has the mp3 clip still?...
Originally posted by Dain-Ja:


Wow how can someone not be able to tell thats out of sync and just NO on the tune!!
I actually liked the original version of "to the world" that he posted on USH was very simple and catchy i thought (not the NSR one thought he added stuff to it that just seemed needless, sorry) but damn man this track just isnt good.
Triquatra ouch.
redwingz I dont really have anything further to say on this matter. It doesnt surprise me that he has removed the track after the comments on hardcoreproducer and here :s but he is right to remove it.

Personally I do like 'To the world' but that may just be because I always liked that melody as a child, i just find it a really catchy little melody. Unfortunately as you may be able to tell, if you go to the NSR pages and listen to the clips of 'To the world' and listen to the clips of the tracks he has released on his own label, regardless of wether you like the song, you do have to admit that the production quality and the musical side of 'to the world' is much better than anything else he has done.

As I have said before, I have been disappointed with the tracks he has done since (although I know he has recently switched to Cubase which may be part of it), and there are currently no plans for DJ Blue to feature on NSR again.
Triquatra did you get my PM redwingz? ;)
DJ Spill- Z
Originally posted by BiG-EL:

Yep looks like it

the animals went in two by two hurrah hurrah
the animals went in two by two hurrah hurrah
the animals went in two by two the elephant and the kangaroo
and they all went into the ark for to get out of the rain...
how very hardcore....
and the sassing and faffing with the panning on the synth is very annoying
Triquatra hehe yes, though its not the first hymn or christian song thats been hardcorified
Fishy haha xD shit, any track gettin released now?
DJ Spill- Z
Originally posted by DjTriquatra:
hehe yes, though its not the first hymn or christian song thats been hardcorified

ohh deary me what else?
Triquatra Eumovater - Musical Life
on bonkers 6

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