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T O P I C     R E V I E W
Atlas Any of you kidz know how to burn a cd and keep the tracks continous. I know it's not a big deal....but it's just annoying to hear that .5 second silence inbetween each track....

"I'm the dj, you're not, so shut the fook up and dance."
DJ Tempest do "disc at once" instead of "track at once"

"Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups."

silver Cut 'n' paste them all into one big sound file and burn that.
DJ Tempest personally i like having seperated tracks in a can burn all seperated tracks and still have the mix be continuous if you use the disc at once option..

"Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups."

silver it's a personal thing :)
Lusive theres a few ways you can do it

one is use sound forge cd architect. that's pretty powerful proggie, it emulates the cd b4 you burn it.

or if your mix is in one continuous file
and you know at what times you want the tracks to be you can manually make a .cue file (writing one yourself or using a cuesheet edit proggy) which will import into most burning software (i prefer fireburner.. cause its small and efficient)

if you are serious about exact track marks remember this: when you edit a file in a sound editor it shows it in min:sec.millisecs! when using a cue file CD audio uses min:sec:frames! where frames = 75 frames per second. So you cant just use the time out of an audio editor.. you have to divide the milliseconds from the audio editor by 13 and a third then round it to a full number. thats your frames value to put in the .cue file

oh and normalize your mix to *-12dB RMS* or around there. so its not to loud or soft.

if you dont understand any of that then dont worry bout it.

hope that helps (maybe overkill but hey.. )
cheers big ears!

Open your eyes, see all the love in me, I got enough for ever.
Dont be afraid, take all you need from me, and we'll be strong together...
Atlas thanx guyz....i appreciate all the help :)

"I'm the dj, you're not, so shut the fook up and dance."

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