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 no hardcore at wemf

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T O P I C     R E V I E W
kg4 ive heard people talking of no hardcore at wemf 03! what's this about??

Oh man, I hope I didn't brain my damage...
Brian K from mr frolic:

I've chosen not to do WEMF since it hasn't been a postive experience (business wise) for me. Forgetting the fact that I still haven't been paid for last year, it's just not worth doing for the money being offered. There are too many things out of my control (such as my sound & lights budget being slashed - the only reason the Hulla stage didn't look like a piece of shit last year was that my sound company gave me everything I wanted for free due to me using them for so many years). Hulla isn't some rinky dink name who should be glad just to be involved, I feel we're a huge attraction to the event and frankly haven't felt like I've been treated as such and expect that we'll be missed.

I'll be DJing in the states that weekend.

"we'll delete the weak"
DJ Saiyan There will DEFINITELY be hardcore at WEMF this year.

And the lineup is absolutely insane.

..........but that's all i can say.

Get More ****ed and Get Rockin!!
kg4 well that's a relief... sort of.

Oh man, I hope I didn't brain my damage...
silver This is totally incorrect... Yes there is hardcore stage at WEMF 2003, I know the DJ lineup and it's massive! With a few surprises thrown in :)

Just because Hulla and Frolic are not doing it this year does not mean other people or crews will not do it ...

you, me and hardcore forever.
Brian K yeah but that was posted a long time ago, i was just too lazy to go dig it up and say that yes there was now going to be a hardcore tent at wemf =P

"we'll delete the weak"
virus *edited*

the link for this pic isnt active anymore

We came here tonight to get started, to cold act ill or get retarded
Emdee Emmay Quite frankly if Hulla isn't there I'm not spending my money

I'll save it for a real Hardcore party

The next Hullabaloo in fact

silver Emdee Emmay: Trust me you will want to goto this event when the full flier comes out :)


you, me and hardcore forever.
kg4 haha, good thing i saw what was un-edited! :D

Oh man, I hope I didn't brain my damage...
Originally posted by Emdee Emmay:
Quite frankly if Hulla isn't there I'm not spending my money

I'll save it for a real Hardcore party

The next Hullabaloo in fact

LOL Jesus, please don't tell me you prefer Anabolic Frolic over Sharkey, Fade, Hixxy, Ruffage, Tyrant, Frisky, Virus, S4/Lou Cypher Project..

DJSHINE every1 is sayin the line up is ace and everything so can some one plz tell me who is in the line up to play there ???
Dj Shine

Ur bonkers ...get in to hardcore now ! ! :D

silver Frolic is not playing this year at WEMF, details should be out this Friday I think.

you, me and hardcore forever.
Emdee Emmay The only reason I said what I did up there is cuzthe last year I went it was like this:

House Tent: Biggest name on the bill: DJ Flex, no show

Hardcore, Hullabaloo Tent: 5 of 7 UK headliners, no show
-includes both DJs and MCs

Various other DJs pulled a no show

Five to seven hour shut down of all music due to stinky pigs and thier fuukin court papers

It was a decent good time, but it could have been better

I guess it all really depends on who's goin to be at which party, when, and how much money I have at which point in time.

silver If sponsored the hardcore stage and DJ Silver (me) played would you come

you, me and hardcore forever.
whispering Wow, just saw the news... Only bad thing is that theres that little lake between europe & canada...

Oli G id play for free if i was sorted out a flight ;)

CAM002 Out May 2003
Distribution Through Nu Energy & Imo

\o/ <o/ \o> <o> /o\ _o/ \o_
virus World of Hardcore Stage
(In association with, Eclipse & Big Kahuna)

Hixxy (UK - Raverbaby, Jellybaby, React records, Slammin' Vinyl)
Lenny Dee (USA - Fourth Floor, XL, Industrial Strength,
DJ Sharky (UK - Bonkerz, Nu Energy
Fade (UK - Next Generation, Blatant Beats,
Silver (Japan –
Omar Santana (USA - Moonshine - Topaz Records - H20H Rec - Just 2)
S4 vs. Grimace (Canada - Synthetix, Nu Energy, L.C.P. vs. Darkrave, Chills, Nile)
Dominik (Canada - Chills, Hardcore Pioneer!)
S.O.S (Canada - Sounds Of Sugoi,
Indica (Canada - Sweet Leaf)
Frisky & D-Minus (Canada - The Lost Boys, Hullabaloo, ATM recordings)
Tyrant (Montreal / Simian,
Unabomber (Canada - Nightmare, Destiny)
The Deacon (Canada - Nightmare, rev.909, Irritant Records)
Ken Finch vs. Lady Bass (Canada - CHILLS, Skratch-n-Sniff)
Mannik (Canada - Dork Knights, Elation Records UK, F3, Airhead)
Virus (Canada - M'ass'tadon, Sourkee)
Hujib (Canada - Hyper Stomp, ATM recordings)
FuzzBoy (Canada - Nightmare, E-mail)
Elixir (Canada -, Pornstar, Dynamix)
Ruffage (Canada - RFU, Phase 4, Elation Records)
Saiyan (Toronto / Airhead, F3, Dork Knights)
Tyco vs PsyKlone (Toronto / Good Fellaz)
MC Sharkey (UK - Bonkerz, Nu Energy)
MC Specs (Canada - F3, Airhead, Dork Knights)
MC JD (Canada –
MC Gobstoppa (Canada - M'ass'tadon,, Sourkee)

We came here tonight to get started, to cold act ill or get retarded
Brian K mmmmm lenny lenny dee, wonder if he's finally got his stuff sorted w/ mark n....

looks wicked, should be interesting to see what the candy kids wind up doing once the harder people come on =)

"we'll delete the weak"
atomicb Get beaten up I suppose? ;)

Hmmm I would like to go to this but it would cost me a lot of money I frankly don't have =/

*looks around for cash*

*waits for brian K to say 'Get a job' :P*

silver ^^^ You live in the UK so it might be a little hard for you to attend :)

you, me and hardcore forever.

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